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The Savoyard Succession Crisis

Battle of Daeland.jpg

Date: 61 SA - 63 SA
Place: Principality of Savoy
Result: Pro-Lucienist Victory
  • Vasileia Basrid goes into exile
  • The Lord Mariners of Daeland pledge fealty to Prince Lucien
  • Lucien Auréle is confirmed as Sovereign of Savoy
Pro-Lucienist Faction:
Savoy.png Pro-Lucienist Savoyards
MyrineCOA.png Barony of Myrine
Pro-Regency Faction:
Savoy.png Pro-Regency Savoyards
daelandcoa.png Lordship of Daeland
Savoy.png Lucien I, Prince of Savoy
Savoy.png Ulrich Landgraf von Alstreim, Regent of Savoy
Savoy.png Borys Jazloviecki, Lord Marshal of Savoy
MyrineCOA.png Balthazar III, Marquis of Myrine
Savoy.png Vasileia Ekaterini Basrid, Chancellor of Savoy
daelandcoa.png Gowther de Chlann Douglas, Lord Mariner of Daeland
daelandcoa.png Malcom de Chlann Douglas, Lord Mariner of Daeland

The Savoyard Succession Crisis, also called the Daelish Uprising, was an internal conflict fought between the Pro-Regency forces under the command of Vasileia Basrid, and the Pro-Lucienist forces under the command of Prince Lucien of Savoy. The conflict was started after the events of the Revolution of San Luciano, in which a primarily Myrinian-Freimarkish crowd overthrew the Regency of Catherine, Princess of Savoy and declared Lucien, son of Olivier II, Prince of Savoy as the new sovereign. At first, the conflict was relatively low-level with the majority of Savoy supporting the Lucienist cause. However, after an incident between Pro-Lucien forces and the neutral Daelish, the Lordship of Daeland declared support for the Pro-Regency forces and renounced its previously stated neutrality.

Skirmishes, Battles, and Sieges

  • 5th of the Grand Harvest, 61 S.A - Battle of Daeland - Daelish victory


  • 61st year of the Second Age
    • During a court hosted by Catherine of Sutica, the majority Myrinian-Freimarkish crowd started a mostly bloodless revolution and installed Lucien de Savoie, eldest son of Olivier II, Prince of Savoy, as the sole ruler of Savoy. Catherine is later killed by an assassin within the crowd, and the rest of the Pro-Regency council either swears fealty to Lucien or flees San Luciano. The event is later known as the Revolution of San Luciano.
    • Vasileia Ekaterini, Chancellor of Savoy, declares that she will continue to uphold the Regency and will not recognize the personal rule of Lucien until he is of age. [1].
    • Most members of the Savoyard Council, as well as many of the Principality's vassals, pledge fealty to Lucien I and declare Vasileia a traitor to Savoy [2].
    • The Lordship of Daeland declares neutrality during any internal conflicts, not wishing to involve their people in a civil war [3].
    • During a visit by the Pro-Lucienist faction to Daeland, hostilities break out between Pro-Lucienist forces and Daelish guardsmen, sparking the Battle of Daeland and causing the Daelish to declare a rebellion. [4]
  • 62nd year of the Second Age
    • Very small-scale skirmishes occur between the two Savoyard factions
    • Vasileia Basrid goes into exile from Savoy, leaving Daeland to fight on its own
  • 63rd year of the Second Age
    • The Lord Mariners of Daeland reaffirm their fealty to Lucien Auréle, ending their rebellion and the Succession Crisis.