Lucien I, Prince of Savoy

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Lucien Auréle
Prince of Savoy
Reign: 12th of Snow's Maiden, 1857 - 9th of the Sun's Smile, 1867
Coronation: 5th of the Sun's Smile, 1857
San Luciano, Principality of Savoy
Predecessor: Olivier II, Prince of Savoy
Successor: Renata I, Princess of Savoy
Born: 1st of The Sun's Smile, 1844
San Luciano, Principality of Savoy
Spouse: Stefaniya Joanna Ruthern
House: de Savoie
Father: Olivier II, Prince of Savoy
Mother: Catherine Barclay, Princess of Sutica
Wars fought: The Savoyard Succession Crisis
Battle of Daeland
The Urguani-Orenian War
Philip III's Folly

Lucien Auréle Ashford de Savoie (1844 - Present), regally known as Lucien I or as Lucien the Bold, is the third Prince of Savoy and the third head of state since the Principality's formation by his Grandfather. He is the eldest child of Prince Olivier II, and was the first Savoyard Monarch to be born within the Principality of Savoy. His reign began when his Father and predecessor abdicated the throne of Prince Lucien, who at the time was underage by Savoyard law, yet was still crowned as the sole head of state by his supporters.

Early years

Lucien Auréle was born in the year 1844 within the Palazzo Aggrade, San Luciano. His birth marked him as the second-in-line to the throne after his Father, and the first Savoyard heir to be born within the reformed Principality of Savoy. Catherine of Sutica oversaw his upbringing and rather inflexible tutoring, his father being emotionally inept due to more pressing matters rising within the principality. Often spotted with a wooden training sword of sorts within his tiny digits or a brimmed piece of parchment, he was tutored in regards to military strategy, one-on-one combat, and battlefield leadership. Lucien took such lessons most earnestly, renowned Antonius Vilac overseeing his combat and forming a robust bond with the youthful child of vigorous potential. It is these lessons that would go on to shape Lucien's reign upon his ascension to the throne following his father's abdication in the year 1857, when the Prince was only thirteen years old. Taking these affairs seriously, his mannerisms shifted comparatively rapidly from a normal boy enjoying the bliss of childhood to that of a refined and forcefully quick-witted ‘adult’. It is believed by historians that Lucien had an extremely bland childhood, only pressure and schooling depositing upon his already weighty shoulders.


Lucien's reign began rather chaotically. The Regency council that Lucien's Mother, Princess Catherine of Sutica had established was widely unpopular by the remnant Myrinian population and called for Catherine's abdication as Regent and for Lucien's personal rule to begin. Despite her attempts to sway the crowd, Princess Catherine eventually became distraught due to the lack of support and was assassinated by a Lucienist assailant. Lucien was crowned by Adelric Bishop Reinmar of the Canonist Church, and his personal reign began.

Almost immediately, Lucien's personal reign was defied by the remnant of Catherine's Regency, which declared that Lucien's personal rule was illegitimate until he reached the age of majority. Despite not having the backing of the majority of Savoy's population, the Pro-Regency members of the Council found support within the realm of Daeland, which had previously declared neutrality in any internal conflicts. Lucien, despite his young age, personally led a band of Savoyard soldiers to the gates of Daeland to demand that the Daelish extradite the Pro-Regency members of the Council. The Daelish Lairds of the settlement refused, and opened fire upon Lucien's band. This in effect sparked the Daelish Uprising and the Savoyard Succession Crisis. After three years of low-level conflict, the Daelish lords whom had supported the Pro-Regency members surrendered and those who still supported Catherine's Regency fled to Oren. Once the conflict was over, Lucien focused on consolidating his power and began his personal rule.

Somewhere towards the late-middle of Lucien's reign, he found himself being confronted by Aeldenic mercenaries during one of Savoy's many court sessions. They proclaimed their hatred for the Savoyard royal family, and proclaimed that they would do what they could to eliminate the Savoyard bloodline. At this moment, a fleet of Aeldenic ships opened fire upon the capital of San Luciano and effectively destroyed the city whilst covering it with Thanium. Lucien and the survivors of the attack quickly regrouped and retreated to the city of Niseep, and later to Myrine where they established a temporary capital for Savoy until a new one was constructed.

After years of tense political buildup between Savoy and the Holy Orenian Empire, and the revelation that Oren had been responsible for the past coup attempts against Savoy, Prince Lucien issued a Declaration of War upon the Holy Orenian Empire, and joined the Urguani-Orenian War as a member of the Tripartite Accord. Following the declaration, Prince Lucien led Savoy's Army into the Battle of Eastfleet, in which Tripartite Forces intercepted and pushed back the Orenian offensive into the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Lucien himself led the Savoyard forces, and proved his masterful combat skills by personally slaying a handful of Orenian soldiers whilst on the field of battle.

Eventually Lucien grew tired of leading Savoy, and abdicated in favor of his sister Renata de Savoie and her husband Duke Remus of Drusco. This was in part due to Prince Lucien's reluctance to be married or sire heirs, and due to a prophecy received by Duke Remus himself. Once retired, he would continue to fight for Savoy and the Tripartite, but would take a far less active role in politics from there onwards.

Personal Life


Bombing of Savoy


Titles, Styles, and Honors

Titles and Styles

  • 1844-1857: His Highness Prince Lucien of Savoy
  • 1857-1867: His Serene Highness Lucien I, Prince of Savoy
  • 1867-Present: His Serene Highness The Prince-Emeritus Lucien I of Savoy, Count of Peremont

Full Title as Prince of Savoy

HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Lucien I, By the grace of GOD, Prince of Savoy, Duke of Corazon, Count of San Luciano, Peremont and Sarissa, Baron of Brynrose, etcetera.