House de Savoie

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House de Savoie
de Savoie coat of arms
Country: Savoy
Previous Name: Ashford
King of Oren
Prince of Savoy
Prince of Ulmsbottom
Duke of Corazon
Duke of Drusco
Duke of Savoy
Count of San Luciano
Count of Aldersberg
Count of Aldersport
Count of Felsen
Count of Leuvaarden
Count of Peremont
Count of Petrus
Baron of Wett
Founder: Roland Ashford de Savoie
Current Head: Renata I, Princess of Savoy
Ethnicity: Savoyard
Language: Savoyardic, Auvergnat, Common

House Ashford de Savoie is an esheveurd noble house of the 16th century that was reformed from obscurity in the early second era (19th century) by involvement in the City-State of Luciensburg, later the Holy Orenian Empire, and currently as rulers of the Principality of Savoy. The house once held the Kingdoms of Oren and Savoy via King Olivier de Savoie, prominent in the time encompassing the Dukes' War.


Notable Members