The Unified Domain of Vortice

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The Domain of Vortice
Vortice Crest.png
The Vortice Coat of Arms
Capital: Talon's Port

Common (Mixed)


Ancestral Temple (Mixed)

Government: Elective Monarchy
Sovereign: Lenora Jusima
Minister of Defense: John O'Riley
Minister of Internal Affairs: Aerith Maelstorm
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Gusiam Jusmia
Preceded By: TalonsGrotto.png Talon's Port (1796 FA - 26 SA)

The Unified Domain of Vortice is a settlement located in the jungles nearby the southern ocean that directly evolved from the Sovereign State of Talon's Port. It is a densely populated port town that is typically characterized by the narrow dirt streets and tall brick buildings that have sprung up haphazardly on the coastline. The city is a popular destination for merchants, and attempts to keep a neutral stance in politics whenever possible, worrying foremost for the safety and sovereignty of its' citizens.


The Domain of Vortice is the successor state to Talon's Port, and was created in Year 26 of the Second Era after the Sovereign of Talon's Port, Vivian Maelstorm, officially decreed the creation of a Hereditary Monarchy with the Maelstorm Family at it's center. This decision was wildly unpopular amongst the people of Talon's Port, who had always had their leaders voted for by the stewardship and council.

The Dark Age of Vortice

Over the next years, Vivian's rule was a tumultuous and unpopular one that saw Talon's Port fall from it's position of power within the South. While some exact dates are lost to time, these events took place between the formation of the Domain of Vortice and the death of Monarch Vivian Maelstorm.

In the early years of her reign, Monarch Vivian provided a band of mercenaries known as the Rustlers a fortress outside of the walls of Talon's Port. For a multitude of years, the Rustlers worked closely with the people of Vortice, though tensions soon frayed and the Rustlers attacked the city of Talon's Port in Year 30 of the Second Era, capturing Minister of Defense Saemos Hidone and holding him for a ransom of 1500 minas. This event was later resolved as the Holy Orenian Empire was sent word of the attacks, and the combined force of the Imperial State Army and the Vortice Militia counterattack retrieved the captured minister. Monarch Vivian and the local council took matters into their own hands by burning the structure to the ground.

It was next year, in Year 31 of the Second Era that the Rustler's constant attacks and the threats of the orcish War Nation of Krugmar that Monarch Vivian found herself pressured into a protectorate agreement with The Grand Kingdom of Urguan, which caused negative sentiments within the community.

Monarch Vivian similarly evicted a vassal granted land by Sovereign Gail Cordius known as the County of Selestia after Count Jakob Calavénon and his people were evicted and accused of not pay taxes to the Nation. After this eviction, the group rebranded as the city of Ando Alur.

Monarch Vivian also banished numerous notable figures of Vortice's past, including Talon's 7th Sovereign Minto Townsend, on the grounds of helping a Cult of Inferi and hiding it from Monarch Vivian, and even her former husband, Sylvain Majin (Also known as Ainz Sanguine, Silf'Ainz Sanguine, Sylvain Ainzworth Majin) on the grounds of attempted murder and joining of aforementioned Cult of Inferi, who was wanted in several nations for alleged murders, xionism, and other various crimes.

It was during this time that the Minister of Defense, Saemos Hidone, had began planning a coup to oust the Maelstorm Family from power and claim the title of Monarch for himself. While multiple attempts were made to draw in nations such as The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, these attempts never came to fruition and a multiple of slip-ups led to the scheme being discovered, and Saemos being banished from the city.

Near the end of Monarch Vivian's reign, Gusiam Jusmia, an advisor to the Monarch, put an end to the tribute demands of the orcs of Krugmar due to the Jusmia familial connection to the orcish rulers.

In Year 35 of the Second Era, Vivian Maelstorm was discovered to have committed suicide atop the rooftop podium of the Alley Alehouse Tavern, ending her 16 year long rule as Monarch of Talon's Port alongside a note declaring that the new Minister of Defense and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Athri Belrose, should take the position of Monarch.

The Third Reformation

Monarch Athri Belrose took over immediately after Vivian's death and immediately began working to try to right the wrongs of Vortice's past, passing new laws and formalizing the government structure, reforming the Monarchy to be more akin to the prior government of Sovereignty. Land distribution was streamlined beneath her rule, the unused land of Selestia was sold, and there were initial blueprints for a redesign of the capital also created in this time, making clear her high aspirations for leadership. While Athri worked vigilantly to make reformations to the military and government, her reign was cut short in Year 39 of the Second Era due to the stress of leadership.

After this point, a unanimous vote among the council declared that Minister of Science, Lenora Jusima, would take up the mantle of leadership in Year 39 of the Second Era.

The reign of Monarch Lenora started off rocky as within the first months of rule, the Minister of Internal Affairs as one of the leading government figures within The Domain of Vortice, Blair C. Fester, attempted to take full control over the city in a coup.

This coup came after Blair Fester invited Monarch Lenora Jusima for tea, the Minister of Internal Affairs began speaking about how the Rustlers were treated unfairly within the city. Following these words, a band of Rustler mercenaries hired by Blair emerged into the home, blocking off the exit for the pair. Blair's argument was based on her unfair treatment based on the amount of work she put in for the city, holding important legal documents regarding the city hostage and telling the Monarch to surrender control of the city to her or she would destroy the documents. Blair claimed she would make the city perfect, though Monarch Lenora refused, causing Blair to destroy the legal documents regarding the operation of the city. After this, Blair disappeared alongside the hired mercenaries.

Over the next decades, Monarch Lenora Jusima alongside her husband, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Monarch-Consort Gusiam Jusima continued supporting the population of the dwindling city in events.

The Maelstormic Claims

Main Article on the Maelstormic Claim on Vortice

In year 69 of the Second Era, a group known as the Maelstormic Society was formed by the former Maelstorm Royal Family. Headed by the grandson of former Monarch Vivian Maelstorm, James Maelstorm, they made claims that the Maelstorm Family were still the rightful rulers of Vortice. The group demanded Monarch Lenora hand over the title of the city, claiming they wished to restore a golden age that had been lost to Monarch Lenora's rule.

Post Protectorate

In Year 69 of the Second Era, Monarch Lenora Jusima and Minister of Foreign Affairs Gusiam Jusima have come to an agreement with Grand King Bakir Ireheart to allow Vortice to leave the protectorate. This agreement was signed in Year 69 of the Second Era.

In the following years, the Talon's Port Library was rebuilt by Aerith Majin-Maelstorm. In Year 75 of the Second Era, Monarch Lenora struck a deal with the University of Vaelya to allow them space within Talon's Port to continue their classes, as Headmistress Arwen Amethil was unhappy with the conditions of the classroom building she was provided within Fenn. Through this agreement, the city of Talon's Port saw a sudden rise in the number of occupied buildings.


The culture of The Unified Domain of Vortice drifted apart from the The Cophinus Invarius after the rule of Sovereign Cordius. Presently, Vortice has no standardized culture, though is home to a wide variety of people, with the majority being Spiritualists, Druids, and Voidal Mages. Vortice is known for its informal and sociable peoples, and festivities are looked forward to with excitement.


Similarly to the culture, Vortice is religiously tolerant of any worship citizens wish to perform, though it does have large communities of Spiritualists and Elementalists who live within the walls who worship through The Ancestral Temple of All. The Ancestral Temple is an independent religious organization ran by Clan Des'nox, descendants of the influential ruler, Dak'ir Des'nox of the Ancillary of Ker'nor in Athera and presently headed by Veld'urra Des'nox. The religious organization is based within Vortice. and is based around the worship of the Ancestors.


While during the reign of Monarch Vivian Maelstorm, the next Monarch of Vortice was selected by the prior leader, the system was recently abolished in present-day Vortice. The city has a simplistic political system, with there being a Monarch, five members of the Vortician Council, and a small handful of stewards who handle minor politics within the city. The Monarch and council are both elected officials. For more information, see Succession. All members of the council are heads of different ministries within the city that handle things such as foreign affairs, healthcare, and legal matters.

The Monarch and Vortician Council make up a group of four who are responsible for making any choices regarding Vortice. They do not need to consult with others outside these four about their decisions, though it is common for council members to ask opinions of stewards and citizens of the city.


As of currently, the Vortician Military is being reworked by Captain John O'Riley, the current Minister of Defense.



The Vortice Council is made up of citizens that were put forward and voted upon by other members of the council. There are no requirements to be elected to the Vortice Council besides being in good legal standing within the city and being recommended to the council by one of the other members. Members of the Vortice Council are not elected in terms, and serve until they die, step down, or are voted off the council by a majority vote by the other members. Once these three events occur, council members put forward other citizens to take their place, and a new member is elected.


Modernly, the Monarch is not a hereditary position within Vortice. Much like other council members, the Monarch serves until they die, step down, or are voted from the position by a majority of the council. If the Monarch steps down as opposed to dying or being voted from the position, they are typically kept on the council unless they wish to step down away from the government completely. If one of these three events were to occur, the council would vote amongst themselves and elect one of the remaining five council members as the new Monarch.


The Unified Domain of Vortice has been skewing towards a majority of their population being Elves after the rulership of a Dark Elf, Monarch Lenora Jusima, has proven that the city is welcoming to those of Elven descent. Though, despite this, the city is still considered Mixed-Race and is home to many Humans and Adunians as well.



Vortice was located in a tropical jungle environment in the south of Almaris within a large jungle that is also home to the Crown of Amaethea, the Principality of Celia'nor, and the Rexdom of Krugmar. Massive trees surround the city, the land around it swampy-- difficult to move through and build upon. The city is typically warm and humid, and anyone working under the sun for too long would quickly be worn out. The ocean takes up one entire side of the city, the port space stretching along the entire coastline.


Presently, Vortice is located in the Karsts of the west of Aevos, surrounded by lakes, rivers, and sea, directly to the north of The most Serene State of Lurin, and to the west of The United Kingdom of Aaun. The city is made up of bridges and caves within the karsts, high up in the sky as opposed to most other realms, making additional building precarious and difficult. The city would be at a tolerable temperature, being too high off the ground to be affected by the heat of the tropical ground below, yet too low for the city to be overly cold.