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Lenora Jusmia
3rd Monarch of Vortice
Reign: 39 SA - 68 SA (29 Years)
Predecessor: Monarch Athri Belrose
Successor: Incumbent
10th Sovereign of the Depths
Reign: 68 SA - Incumbent
Predecessor: Title Restored
Successor: Incumbent
Born: Year 1722 of the First Era, Vira'ker, The Concord of Llyria, Arcas.
Died: Alive
Spouse: Gusiam Jusmia
Father: Rien'dar Nas-Garan
Mother: Morgana Ashwood

Lenora Jusmia is a Dark Elf who is known for their service to the both The Hegemony of Renelia and The Unified Domain of Vortice.




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Lenora Jusmia is a 5'11 Mali'ker with violet sapphire eyes and hair that is so black it's blue. Having only her right ear priced, it typically has a gem of some kind dangling from the earlobe. Normally a waxing crescent moon adorns the right side of her face around her eye in paint that matches what she is wearing, it is a sign of her devotion to the spirit Luara.

When she had gone to Athera in her late 20s, early 30s. She stuck her index and middle fingers within a keyhole, which caused those two fingers on her right hand to turn blood red. There is nothing wrong with them, and it's just like they have been tattooed, though the "ink" won't fade with time.


Father: Rien'dar Nas-Garan

Mother: Morgana Ashwood

Step Mother: Nami Dalivous

Half Brother: Asta’vane Garan-Dalivous

Spouse: Gusiam Jusmia

Father-in-Law: Daitcha Jusmia

Mother-in-Law: Delphi Saoirse

Sisters-in-Law: Rose Jusmia, Alenni Jusmia

Brother-in-Law: Feliks Jusmia

Adoptive Children: Xinan, Myan Reg'Wir, Vakas, Bastian, Kansan

Biological Children: Alver Jusmia, Kahel Jusmia, Paelen Jusmia


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Myan Reg'Wir 1754 FA Missing Unmarried The daughter of Gusiam and his former partner Caitlin.
Xinan 1764 FA Dead Unmarried Adopted by Monarch Lenora.
Vakas 33 SA Alive Unmarried Adopted by Monarch Lenora at eight years old. Is good boy
Alver Jusmia 74 SA Alive Unmarried Lenora's first biological child.
Bastian Jusmia 80 SA Alive Unmarried Adopted after Gusiam found him in a tree.
Kahel Jusmia 102 SA Alive Unmarried Lenora's second biological child.
Kansan Jusmia -- SA Alive Unmarried Adopted kha child.
Paelen Jusmia 159 SA Alive Unmarried Lenora's third biological child.