Kingdom of Elysium

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Kingdom of Elysium
Duchy of Elysium COA.png
Coat of Arms of Clan de Astrea
Capital: New Elysium
Languages: Common
Demonym: Elysian
Religion: Secular
Government: Hereditary Absolute Monarchy
Duke: Eugeo de Astrea
Duchess: Delilah Mwari de Astrea
Heir: Leika de Astrea
Lord Commander: Ellathor Vanari
Currency: Elysian Ecu
Historical Era: Independent Elysium
Preceded by: Norland-Oren War (22 S.A.)

The Kingdom of Elysium, also known simply as Elysium, is a xannic absolute monarchical Kingdom made up of a mix of Humans and Elves.


Norlandic Vassalage

Before its establishment as an independent nation, the Kingdom of Elysium was a small semi-autonomous vassal within the Kingdom of Norland named Lunsbeck, notoriously known for its people’s talent in farming and harvesting crops. This town was located by one of the many eastern lakes of Norland and proved itself capable in agriculture. It was led by the family de Astrea and was soon renamed to the Jarldom/Duchy of Elysium. After providing many years of loyal service to the Crown of the Kingdom of Norland, the King of the Kingdom of Norland, Halvar Edvarsson, elevated Elysium’s leader at the time, Eugeo de Astrea, to the hereditary noble title of Duke in the year 11 S.A. During its time as a vassal, it proved very self-sufficient and self-governing, which ultimately ended in a declaration of independence from the Kingdom of Norland in the year 23 S.A. This declaration came during the tenth Nordling war. This prompted the secession crisis, which only ended in the year 38 S.A when the Duchy of Elysium came to an agreement with the Kingdom of Norland, solidifying their independence.

Independence and modern history

After successfully declaring independence from the Kingdom of Norland, Elysium moved to the south western forested swamp lands in which they began to adapt to the rapid change of climate as well as the challenging task to form and govern a nation. The Duchy of Elysium then bagan setting up their governmental structure, this being a renewed military, a reformed council as well a well-defined judiciary. It then established itself as a present power in the south-western hemisphere and became the Kingdom of Elysium. Following this course of action, Elysium established itself as a neutral entity and upheld a rather stable community within itself. This stability was put into question as around the year 65 S.A. multiple minor mercenary groups targeted and attempted to subjugate Elysium. Though plenty, these attempts all failed. It was only near the end of the war of the wigs that the then Kingdom of Elysium entered into a defensive alliance with the Holy Orenian Empire in the year 70 S.A and subsequently broke their neutrality. This alliance was, although made during time of war, never honored by any side. Following their first taste of international politics, Elysium was soon to be overwhelmed as the Horde of Iron Uzg declared war upon the Kingdom of Elysium in order to siege and pillage their capital. This conflict is still ongoing and has found no end so far through both diplomatic or military action.

Culture and Society

Royal Succession

The line of succession of the Kingdom of Elysium is based within its royal family, the De Astrea lineage. The line of succession as of the 4th of Grand Harvest, Year 78 of the Second Age is Princess Leika de Astrea. Traditionally the heir is named by the ruler of the Kingdom.


Elysium is a Xannic based state, with Xannic traditions and values being held as sorts of law. All religions are welcome in Elysium, barring those of Darkspawn.



Notable Clans, Famlies, and Houses of Elysium

Clan de Astrea

The Royal family of the Kingdom of Elysium, headed by Princess Leika de Astrea. Most notable for being lobbyists for Paladinism and Xannic beliefs.

Clan Vanari

The Clan of Vanari is a founding family within Elysium starting out in its time within Elysium and serving in the Order of the Boreal Forest, Upon Elysium Independence the family true to their past established the Lunarian Guard, an Elite guard company founded under Ellathor Vanari as Lord Commander and Amethyst Vanari as its designated Decurion and leader. Beyond the martial history, the family is filled with various craftsmen boasting skills in various trades such as brewing and blacksmithing the family hosting Togrim Vanari a smith renowned within Elysium. Their family motto is "With the Purity of Light, We Vanquish the Dark" signifying their stance on justice and the pursuit of a safe and prosperous family and home. Many of the Vanari serve the Nation of Elysium through the Lunarian Guard and other Positions of power within the Elysian Army.

Clan Solros

One of the leading families in Elysium, currently headed by Oliver Solros. Even with a troubled past in Elysium, they stay strong as one of its most prominent families.

Clan Anarore

A generally new blood family in Elysium, currently headed by Scarlet Anarore. They are a large clan, stretched across multiple nations and embedded in many cultures.

Clan Odinson

The Odinson Clan is one that gained footing when the Kingdom of Elysium declared independence from Norland. It is a family with a deep rooted mantra of intelligence over strength, prioritizing unifying great minds into one tight knit community. Made up of leaders and thinkers, much of the family take up high-ranking positions throughout the kingdom, and stretch beyond. Head of Clan, Fal’leon Odinson, holds the title of Minister of Finance, owns the Bokolo Company, and is an army Commander. Radvan Odinson takes Head Archivist's name and is a military Commander. The clans reach stretches beyond the walls of Elysium, as one Malii’evarir Odinson takes the title of Mother Circle Arch Druid The clans motto is “Ut corvus, callidus, logicus, confidens”, meaning ‘Like the raven, be cunning, logical, and confident’. This symbolizes both the clans sigil, the raven, and the preference to the mind.


The Kingdom of Elysium is located in the south-west of the continent, south of the Horde. Much of the surrounding territories of the Kingdom of Elysium is known to be a deeply forested swamp area, hidden beneath a thick and dense layer of sturdy trees. The geography of the Kingdom of Elysium furthermore consists of varying terrain ranging from rolling hills, multiple lakes, small islands and a multitude of rivers. The capital of the Kingdom itself is upon a slightly elevated field in the middle of the aforementioned swamp. It is upon fields such as these that the citizens of the Kingdom of Elysium harvest their many crops and tend to their many animals, as their ancestors during their Vassalage under the Kingdom of Norland.

The swamped forest which makes up most of the Kingdom’s territory is furthermore inhabited by a multitude of creatures, many peaceful in nature along with the occasional exceptionally aggressive and or poisonous animal. Many parts of the countryside which surround the Kingdom of Elysium are not marked in any map and are thus hard to cross for any non-natives of the area.

Notable Figures

Eugeo De Astrea Duke of Elysium

First Duke of Elysium

Absolon De Astrea

Prior to his position of Warden of First Lord Commander of Elysium reigning from 1801-1837 he established the Order of the Boreal forest which remained as the largest and most successful army in the history of Elysium and a Pivotal Force during the Oren Norland war. Known as the "One Eyed Raven" Absolon De Astrea has retired as a veteran of the Armed Forces of Elysium and serves as the Nations Minister of Finance managing the Treasury and procuring funds while peddling his curious catch phrase "Get your Money up, Not your Funny up"

Ellathor Vanari

Second Lord Commander of Elysium reign beginning from 1837 to Present day being Appointed at the young age of 19 due to exceeding promise he has lead and reformed the Order of the Boreal Forest into the Elysian Army proceeding the Nations move into Independence holding the Moniker 'The Vicous' Ellathor has proven to be both a viable combatant and a tactfull military leader assisting in the maintenance of Elysian Nuetrality essecially During the war of Oren and Uruguan, having been raised by two Founders of Elysium he is a First Generation leader in the Independent Nation of Elysium, taking his postion with a self proclaimed single value in mind 'Greatness' though open to interpretation it is a often voiced stance