Kingdom Of Vikela

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Queendom of Vikela
Vikelas First Crest
Capital: Vikela
Languages: Common silchian
Demonym: Vikelian
Religion: Secular
Government: Tanisary
Queen/Lady Paramount: Medea De Viola
Predecessor: Larrissa De Astrea
Heir: Unknown
Currency: Vikela Ecu
Historical Era: The Burn Of Orcs
Preceded by: Norland-Oren War (22 S.A.)
Succeeded by: The Betrayal Of the Orcs]] (78 SA)

The Republic of Vikela



Before its establishment as an independent nation, the Kingdom of Elysium was a small semi-autonomous vassal within the Kingdom of Norland named Lunsbeck, notoriously known for its people’s talent in farming and harvesting crops. This town was located by one of the many eastern lakes of Norland and proved itself capable in agriculture. It was led by the family de Astrea and was soon renamed to the Jarldom/Duchy of Elysium. After providing many years of loyal service to the Crown of the Kingdom of Norland, the King of the Kingdom of Norland, Halvar Edvarsson, elevated Elysium’s leader at the time, Eugeo de Astrea, to the hereditary noble title of Duke in the year 11 S.A. During its time as a vassal, it proved very self-sufficient and self-governing, which ultimately ended in a declaration of independence from the Kingdom of Norland in the year 23 S.A. This declaration came during the tenth Nordling war. This prompted the secession crisis, which only ended in the year 38 S.A when the Duchy of Elysium came to an agreement with the Kingdom of Norland, solidifying their independence.

After successfully declaring independence from the Kingdom of Norland, Elysium moved to the south western forested swamp lands in which they began to adapt to the rapid change of climate as well as the challenging task to form and govern a nation. The Republic of Vikela then began setting up their governmental structure, this being a renewed military, a reformed council as well a well-defined judiciary. It then established itself as a present power in the south-western hemisphere and became the Kingdom of Vikela. Following this course of action, Vikela established itself as a neutral entity and upheld a rather stable community within itself. This stability was put into question as around the year 65 S.A. multiple minor mercenary groups targeted and attempted to subjugate Elysium. Though plenty, these attempts all failed. It was only near the end of the War of the Wigs that the then Kingdom of Elysium entered into a defensive alliance with the Holy Orenian Empire in the year 70 S.A and subsequently broke their neutrality. This alliance was, although made during time of war, never honored by any side. Following their first taste of international politics, Elysium was soon to be overwhelmed as the Horde of Iron Uzg declared war upon the Kingdom of Elysium in order to siege and pillage their capital. \

Internal Struggle

Kingdom Elysium faced its own battles internally as well. When Leika de Astre, the lost princess of Elysium, ascended the throne after her father, she was met with ridicule and judgment. It seemed that the council and those around were plotting to gain the crown. When Leika De astrea had done so, it caused a strife that no one could back down from. A strong-willed Abrahmi queen, known for being weak in her younger years, had done a 180 to help save her kingdom. But Duke Eugene couldn't let go of his power, and when he found he couldn't control her actions like that of her older sister, he turned to his nephew and Leika's child, Kaeve, to incite a coup within the kingdom. Bloodshed both inside and outside were covered in Elysium's history and no one got out unscathed. Thousands of lives were lost, and when the Orcish war ended, those who brought Azdrazi and Inferi down to the city and burnt it all down. They were only left with rubble and soot.

Rebirth as Vikela

But this didn't stop Leika. Devastated, she brought together whoever was left - her husband, children, a few council members (Fal'leon, Amethyst Vanari, and the Vanari clan, Ahmanu Chaeprayen, and the budding Viola branch), and did their best to fix what was broken. They decided to name the city Vikela, The meaning the sword that swings, honouring her mother deliah that had left elysium because of all its deceit. Those there Swore to never go through what was done in the past, to make a council that wouldn't infight or break their oaths, leaving their Elysium title behind and burning the title and any title that followed along with it.Vikela faced challenges in Almaris, vassalizing under Celianor through a pact known as the Western Accords. This agreement positioned Vikela as Celianor's protectorate, pledging non-interference in each other's affairs. Leika, known for her friendship with Ivarelle and her brother Illarion, often shared wine with them. When Vikela rebuilt its city, they naturally sought Celianor's support, given their past alliances against the orcs alongside Malinor.


For years, Vikela thrived under Celianor's protection until a new queen's ascension abruptly transformed Vikela from a protectorate into a vassal. Draconian restrictions stifled Vikela's autonomy, leading to the expulsion of Vikela's king consort. As despair gripped Vikela, a calamitous event, symbolized by a giant black snake, ravaged their city. Seeking refuge, Vikela found sanctuary in Lurin, where Mika graciously sheltered them and protected their citizens.

Modern History

After the cataclysmic events that reshaped the world, Vikela embarked on a journey through the tunnel with Lurin, rebuilding together. Despite the survival of a small group of Vikelians, Queen Leika perished, leaving her daughter Larissa to ascend the throne and calm the populace. However, four decades of rule left Larissa weary and uncertain, feeling inadequate despite her mother's training. Witnessing her sister's torment, Medea, older and raised in Celianor before joining Vikela's diplomatic corps, felt compelled to intervene. After heartfelt discussions, Medea assumed leadership.

Culture and Society

Vikelian might be viewed as a family of civilized individuals or as a community that is considerably more powerful than any one person. treating everyone as a single, huge family, regardless of their differences in race or species. Vikeliean serves as the glue that holds people together. leveraging their indigenous, ancient, and more contemporary wood elf traditions to forge something that will be much more valuable to others around them. speaking in their own languages of Silchian

Royal Succession

The line of succession of the Kingdom of vikela is based within its royal family, the De Astrea lineage. The line of succession as of the 4th of Grand Harvest, Year 78 of the Second Age is Princess Leika de Astrea. Traditionally the heir is named by the ruler of the Kingdom. Vikela has been governed by a matriarchal society since its founding, with the queen or duchess serving as the head of state. Even though the new land of their nation was originally started by a king, the work failed under his rule, so his daughters took over and did their best to create the ideal society he had imagined. a reputation unworthy of preservation.

To start with, it should be noted that Vikelian is a tanistry rather than an heir apparent. The leader of the settlement, according to a tanistry, is said to search for all noble families, specifically all living noble families, either by blood or by virtue of official titles or positions within Vikelia. The chosen one is designated as the heir and prepared to take the next crown or paramount position.



Notable Clans, Famlies, and Houses of Vikela

House de Astrea

The Royal family of the Kingdom of Vikela is headed and further established after ruin By Late monarch queen Leika de Astrea. Leika Has now passed and with that the helm of her fruit. Cyprien De Astrea, the Grand duke of Vikela and Unbuntu. After surpassing his brother and the family's tradition, he continues to strive at great lengths for the de Astrea clan. This is the main royal family, but they have a current branch.

House De Viola

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House Chaephyra

House Chaephyra has its roots in Atlas, with the founding father of the house being Eru Chaephyra. The house is solely comprised of Mali'aheral, with only recent exceptions of 'adopted' members that bear their crest purely for employment purposes. Since the dawn of their founding they were mostly compromised by scholars and merchants, however for the past 2 centuries, Under the lead of Eru's Firstborn son, Ahmanu, they have gathered people across the lands to create The Crimson Raven Corps. This order served both as an independent military group (that worked under the ways of the Soaring Faith) and as the main army for the (then) Dutchy of Vikela and more recently the current Kingdom of Vikela, until finally turning themselves away from their mercenary past to focus further upon their work as liberators, as their religion intends, becoming the Order Of The Crimson Raven. Both the Chaephyra Household and the Order still work with Vikela to ensure peace within the kingdom as the current lead of the household, Ahmanu Lansaon Mhaenal Chaephyra, holds the position of Minister of Warfare for the Kingdom.

House Blanc

House Blanc, a house of scholars at first glance, has its roots to Arcas. A family of heartlanders, that solemnly swore to dedicate their lives into knowledge and medicine. The archives on the first Blanc were destroyed after Almaris was taken over by the Moris. So far, the only known members of this family are:

The Head of Blancs, The One Who Knocks, Medicine obsessed Heartlander, King Consort of Vikela Walter Blanc

The Younger Brother of Walter, The Medi-Constructer of the family, Hank Blanc

The Ocean Eyed 'Ker, The First Adopted Child of Walter, Prince of Vikela, Estel Blanc

Half-Human, Half-Mali'ame, Princess of Vikela, Yennefer Blanc

These members of the family are continuing the bloodline which Philip Blanc, and Sarah Blanc have left for them; though Walter taking the aim of the family into a different direction.


House Roa

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House Vaelylu

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Vikela is situated in the southeastern region, atop a jungle plateau characterized by lush vegetation and diverse flora. The city overlooks a vast expanse of mist-laden jungle, with a small waterway meandering through its verdant depths. Perched proudly upon a mountain pinnacle, Vikela commands a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape, its towering presence a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of its inhabitants.

Notable Figures


Republic of Vikela
Capital Vemvane
Settlements Unbuntu · Ettittica · Yvressa ·The Hermit Grove · Elyidia· The Wandering Wares
Important Landmarks Ephichate park · Aylin's Sunwell · The Tree