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The County of Metterden is a County of the Kingdom of Haense, held by the House of Ruthern. It stretches from Alexandrine pass, where Alriczan Keep, the seat of the Count rests, to the Barony of Rostig. The County lies on flat land directly at the base of the pass and Alriczan Keep. While in Ruthern hands now the County origins stems from House of Colborn which had given to them the title to hold in service to the then Duke of Carnatia, Peter I of Haense. This in turn caused the now long loyal servitude of the Ruthern bloodline to the Barbovic dynasts.


When Count Dmitri Ruthern became the ruler of the County, his first act was to form a governing council, dubbed the Obberat, to designate tasks to his most trusted advisers to ensure the County was running smoothly at all times. The Obberat consists of the Count-in-Council, who holds supreme authority over all affairs; the Court Chancellor, who serves as an administrator for the County, as well as maintaining relationships with other entities and keeping domestic and foreign policy in check. The current Court Chancellor is Josef Marbrand. The Court Marshal, is charged with control and upkeep all bannermen, levies, and militia of the County, as well as their training and official organization, though his authority is surpassed by that of the Count-in-Council and the Chancellor. The position of Court Marshal is held by Brandon Barrow. The other two positions are the Court Treasurer, in charge of economy, and the Court Steward, who oversees housing and architecture, as well as upkeep of the township.

Castle Alriczan

Alriczan Keep is seat of the Count, and the only castle in Metterden. It is built directly on top of the underpass through the Spine guarding the Kingdom from a Southern attack. It is not a decorative castle—its walls are barren and the keep is square and ugly, but it is functional. To siege the castle, an army from the south would have to climb a mountain just to reach the castle. The sloping hill would make a battering ram impossible to bring up, and the narrow paths through the Spine will not allow siege engines to pass.

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