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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

Town of Asterleigh
House de Castro coat of arms
Languages: Common
Founded: 1617
Allegiance: Kingdom of Santegia
King: Abdes de Savin
Governing body: Council of Asterleigh
Patriarch: Elias de Castro
Commander of the Castrian Guard:

The town of Asterleigh was founded in 1617, North of Lorraine. Asterleigh was carved out of a large island. It stands as the seat of House de Castro, a once noble House originating from the Kingdom of Courland. The de Castro’s struggled after Courland reformed under the Holy Orenian Empire as Principality of Evreux.[1] The city was built on a island, and the keep is surrounded by stone walls, these of which are manned by the Castrian Guard, the de Castro’s own retinue. The city has it’s very own port, and it’s own small navy consisting of two warships which guard its harbor.


House de Castro served the Kingdom of Courland loyally until its last breathe, They then received a letter of dissent from Principality of Evreux which had recently formed from the ashes of Courland.[2] Evreux deemed de Castros responsible of treacherous actions, with no proof for such acquisitions. Castros were given three months to either swear fealty under the Halcourts or peacefully remove themselves from Evreux and establish themselves elsewhere. When Elias de Castro and Abdes de Savin went to Aleksandria to confront the the crown about such acquisitions, Arch chancellor Frederick Baden-Staunton drew on them. It then lead to the de Savins and de Castro’s couping the city of Aleksandria.

While a war soon broke out, Abdes de Savin and Elias spoke with several leaders to reform the Coalition, all the while a bannerman and talented stonemason Valentin Aamot was given a task to architect a keep on a land they had acquired on the background of the war. This land situated north of the Kingdom of Lorraine on Tahn, on an island that provided a natural harbor for ships to dock.

As the war was fought on the continent of Asul, Valentin and his workforce could lay the foundation of the keep in peace. Following the completion of Asterleigh keep in 1617, a port town with docks was built and two warships commissioned to defend it.

As the Empire of Oren met demands of the Coalition and thus ending the war,[3] de Castros were made vassals of Norland in 1619, but only for a short period of time.[4] Susanne de Castro was crowned Queen of Santegia so de Castros pledged their loyalty to the Kingdom of Santegia, and King Abdes de Savin.[5]

Walls of the Asterleigh Keep.

The Castrian Guard

The Castrian Guard was formed by Ser Elias de Castro in Courland under the rule of King Tobias Staunton to serve as a unit of men to protect the Crownlands when called upon by the crown, along with serving House de Castro. Their merits during this time include protecting the crown against a rebellion, fending of hordes of bandits from the capital Aleksandria and the Crownlands, assisting the crown in taking the North, as well as fighting back several armies in the swamplands to the south of Tahn.

Feats of the men of the Castrian Guard also involve defeating a colossal serpent and securing its poison just outside of the barony of Castrov. Several trolls have fallen at the hands of the Castrian Guard in addition to assisting Norlanders in killing a Wyvern. The Undead have also met the hands of the brave soldiers of the Castrian Guard.

As of 1616, the Castrian Guard has been stationed in Asterleigh, where defends the seat of House de Castro, as well as the citizens of Asterleigh. And as a vassal provide its services to Santegia if called by the King.


House de Castro is vassal of the Kingdom of Santegia, thus ultimately subject to its government.[6] Asterleigh has its own governing body within the town, the Council of Asterleigh.

Council of Asterleigh

Asterleigh is ruled by Patriarch of House de Castro as the Chairman of the Council. Other council members include Steward who is tasked with administrative duties in the town, Treasurer who is responsible for all income and control of expenditure, and the Commander of the Castrian Guard. Although the council act in private, members of House de Castro are invited to meetings of the Council.


Asterleigh is situated north of the Kingdom of Lorraine-Savoy, a speck of land in the horizon as seen from the mainland Tahn. The port of Asterleigh is barely over sea level. The keep stands on a hill, its strong walls rising hundred feet upwards.

Notable figures

Elias de Castro - Patriarch of House de Castro

Emanuel de Castro - Son of Elias de Castro and Susanne de Castro. Heir to Asterleigh and to the Patriarchy of de Catro.

Delmira de Castro - Arch Chancellor Kingdom of Santegia and daughter of Elias de Castro

Gonzalo de Castro - High Steward of Kingdom of Santegia

Andrea de Castro


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