City of Sutica

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City of Sutica
Free City
Arcas Sutica Map.png
Map of the City of Sutica in 1739
Country: The Free State of Sutica
Founded: 1705 by Trade Princess Lily Helenson-Anarion
Trade Monarch: Corwin von Alstreim
Governing body: Government of Sutica
Previous Capital: Fifth City of Sutica
Language(s): Common, Various

Sutica is the Capital of The Free State of Sutica, and is located in southern Arcas. The City is most known for its trade with other nations as well as its stance as a city open to all races. It is home to every race in Arcas, welcoming them all equally. The city is built on several islands on a river delta. It is constructed using the highly unique Sutican Architectural Style composed of using quartz and colorful materials.


See The Free State of Sutica.

The Cities of Vailor

The first City of Sutica, titled The Merchant Village of Sutica, was constructed on a plot of land in 1521 purchased by the Caliphate from individuals fleeing from the Ruby Down and Hightower Rebellion in the Republic of Salvus. In contrast to the modern interpretation of Sutica as a port city, the First City of Sutica was landlocked in the middle of the desert.

Twice more the Suticans would move in Vailor keeping the name of the city the same, both times as the nation itself was a city state in its early days.

The people of Sutica would move from the Merchant Village to a location on the coast east of the Capital of the Caliphate during the reign of Trade Prince David Enrique following the stagnation of the original Merchant Village. This was the first city constructed in the traditional Sutican Architectural style. Continued war would have the Suticans demolish their homes in order to build ships and sail off to the islands which would form the Third City of Sutica.

The Third City of Sutica was constructed under the reign of Trade Princess Lilyana. It was built on a series of islands connected by several bridges thus giving Sutica its first official names as a nation, The Isles of Sutica. It would be the last city which the Suticans where the Suticans would rest while in Vailor.

The City of Axios

The Fourth City of Sutica was designed and constructed by the former Trade Prince Sil'var Vanguard and renowned Sutican Architect in the year 1571. The City was constructed on the continent of Ceru in Axios in the center of Cerulean Bay which was found out to be a breeding ground for Lubba and thus would soon become the national animal for Sutica. It was led continually by Trade Princess Lilyana. This city was constructed on a singular island connected to the mainland by two bridges. The city was compact, boasting a large underground tunnel system which was found difficult to control and largely became the home to many dark creatures and mages who remained at constant war with the Clerics on the surface. The famous Sutican Memo Tree was first grown in this city under the shadow of the clock tower; this feature would make prominent appearances in the Atlas and Arcas renditions of the city.

The City of Atlas

The Fifth City of Sutica, was constructed after the Suticans fled to the Continent of Atlas in 1643. Founded on Screeching Drake Island, the site was chosen by Trade Princess Lilyana to be further in the wilderness as to allow Sutica to be more isolated and to avoid conflict with other nations, but this decision led to discontent citizens who believed the move took them too far away for proper trade. This city featured varied terrain with an underwater district, a large cavern district. Most prominent and famous was the construction of a massive gate house.

A portion had been allotted to the Halflings to live in, but they disagreed with living in walls and decided to found the city of Dunshire. A large portion near the back of the city and underground had been dedicated to a Druid grove, however, an incident led to a large portion of the grove dying and the rear exit to the grove being closed off. During the late reign of Trade Princess Cyrene, a large restoration project was started to recover the former Druid grove and Halfling lands. During this project the Sutican Library was given a new location, a lounge and cafe was constructed, and room for a public magic forge was also granted. Trade Princess Lily finished the restoration granting land to a group of Paladins and to the Kharajyr.

The Current City of Sutica

The Current City of Sutica was established by Trade Princess Lily in 1705 after the Suticans arrived in Southern Arcas. Designed largely by a team of citizens lead by Silveress Leocyne. The design of the city was applauded across the continent for improving upon the Traditional Sutican Architectural heritage. In 1709 the Sutican clinic was established underground in the square. With the relaxation of taxes in 1714, the old clinic was demolished and it was moved into the old tax building located on the western side of the Square. In 1738, a disaster caused by nearby voidal tears, as part of the voidal invasion of Arcas, caused massive flooding of the river which lead to the death of many citizens especially those in the Water District and in the sewers.


See the Federation of Sutica.

Districts of the City

  • Market District This district is contained around the center square of the city and is home to the famous Memo Tree. Various shops are placed around, and the tavern is located directly adjacent to the square with the clinic opposing it. Many residents enjoy their time discussing matters and spending their days.
  • Central Ward Located immediately past the Market District is the central ward. Filled with housing for those who wish to be closest to the square and the market. Row housing is the most prominent feature of this district. The southern portion sweeps right past the river which divides the city. Entrance to the beach is located in the south east.
  • Old Town Located further past the Central Ward this district finds home to more cramped, yet open housing. The most notable landmark is the Sutican Library which houses the knowledge of the city within. Several parks and back yards make the space slightly more breathable if not for being wedged next to the wall.
  • Government Center On the South-Easternmost portion of the city sits the Government Center. The Government Annex, The Meeting Hall, and the Palace all sit on this portion of the city.
  • Twilight District Across the water from the Market District sits the Twilight District, the most vertical and compact of the districts. Be careful not to get lost in the twists and narrow alleyways which form up this district. Some stalls are available for use here as well.
  • Riva Located on the South-Westernmost portion of the city is Riva. A district which brings a lot of breathing room for those that live there. Open spaces and direct access to the Southern Gate make this a high demand location.
  • Water District One of the more unique districts to Sutica is sprawling tunnel system built directly under the river which has a number of housing options. The design here is radically different from that of the rest of Sutica.
  • Heart Island Plopped in the middle of the city and surrounded on all sides by the river lies Heart Island, named both for its shape and being in the heart of the city. Few houses are on the island as most of the space has been designated for the farming.
  • Shrine Park Located over a bridge from Heart Island is a mostly untouched island which is connected to an underwater grove. On the island itself sits several shrines dedicated to Aenguls.

Famous Figures

Current Residents

  • Corwin von Alstreim - Current Trade King of the Free State of Sutica.
  • Jon Snowell - Known for management of the Interior of the Federation, his service having lasted multiple Elven years. This has earned him the title of: 'the Eternal'.
  • Lily Helenson-Anarion - Former Trade Princess.
  • Utaria Helenson-Anarion - Famous Dame of Sutica and skilled stateswoman and librarian.
  • James K Nevermore - Minister of Seals and Stationaries and owner of Squish Co, a prominent family business for many years in the city.
  • Alem'shun Vanguard - Former Trade Prince and son of Silv'ar Vanguard. Designed the Fifth City of Sutica.
  • Mika Uialben - Former Trade Prince and current Minister of Peace.

Former Residents

  • Silv'ar Vanguard - First Trade Prince, Grand Architect and former Minster of Interior. Designed the Fourth City of Sutica.
  • William Corvinus - A renound merchant of Sutica, responsible for the early gain of wealth in the Free State. Former Minister of Sutican Coin.
  • Lilyana Faroe - Former Trade Princess, leading for many years.
  • Archrim Elmoran - Known for his many dedicated years of service and protection of Sutica. His death is still honored to this day in the form of an award to those who give their all to the Free State. Leader of the Sutican Guard Force
  • Thain Elmoran - Alongside her husband, she was known for her many years of protecting Sutica.
  • Gray Kellian - Former Cleric who took the former Trade Princess Lilyana under his wing and was pivotal to the formation of Sutican values today.
  • David Enrique - Former Trade Prince and husband of Lilyana ousted after riots.
  • Mylas La Terra Amant Carrington - Late husband of Trade Princess Lilyana and merchant.
  • Gimkin Stonegate - Lord of Stonegate Keep and a skilled merchant
  • Karyssmov Faroe - Known for his many years of service as the husband of Trade Princess Lilyana, also known as "The Exemplar" before he was later exiled and disconnected.


The City of Sutica is run by the Government of Sutica directly as a portion of Greater Sutica. The City of Sutica is managed by the Trade Monarch at the head, the Council of Sutica, and the Ministry of Interior. Officially the City of Sutica is designated by those within the walls of the capital city.

The Trade Monarch has near absolute power in executive and legislative matters. The Council of Sutica serves to provide legislation. The Ministry of Interior provides housing and policies for space in the city.



The City of Sutica as the Capital City abides by the Sutican Codex.


See the Federation of Sutica.

Random Tidbits

  • The City of Sutica is actually the fourth City in Sutica's History named such.
  • The City is known for its rich amount of resources and trade with other nations.
  • On a different note, did you know: that the city's state animal is a Lubba?

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