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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.
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Norseth'onn was a city-state of the Dominion of Malin tailored towards High Elves who reside outside of Haelun'or and others interested in Magic and science.


Norseth'onn was formed following the concession of the Island of Celein to the Dominion of Malin. Originally founded by Ac’Aelu Tinuvial and Titania Hawksong, Norseth’onn was merely a Dominion controlled settlement. After a period of growth and scientific progress, the city was granted its position as the third state of the Dominion of Malin. The most secular of the three elven states, Norseth’onn looks to the future for guidance. The Dominion’s home of Magic and Science, it is here that creations such as the Arcane Familiar and the Manablade were born. While the architecture and culture is high elven in style, Norseth’onn is, also, open to all races of elves, and will even permit individuals of other races that show a clear magical or intellectual ability.

In the early years of Atlas, Norseth'onn's Order Absolute came under the command of Anordal Elverhilin, causing the military size to expand to a threatening size in relation to the size of the Dominion's army. Such was swiftly reprimanded and labeled as rebellion by Belestram Sylvaeri, who saw the expulsion of Ac'aelu and the dissolution of the state, to be reformed as the short lived state of Valleinor.

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