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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

Race: Primarily Human
Affiliation: Kingdom of Norland
Location: Western Tahn
Founded: 1624
Current ruler: Jevan I of Norland

Vjorhelm was a previous Capital of the Kingdom of Norland, replacing The Krag. The city was situated on an island and inhabited primarily by Humans and Elves.


Vjorhelm was constructed the year 1624 by the order of Javier Ruric, Its grand opening was 10th of the Grand Harvest. The Completion of the city, Signified a New Era for Norlandic People. Soon after constructing the city, Javier Expanded the Housing Districts, Due to Housing becoming filled up within the city. During the Third Crusade Vjorhelm was under siege, holding the remaining Norlandic host aswell,the siege only lasted for awhile before the Crusaders broke the defenses and killed all the garrisoning troops of the Ashguard. Vjorhelm was ramsacked, and burned to the ground.

Coronation of Javier Ruric

Serene Slaughter 1630

The Serene Slaughter is an event that happened when the formal Orenian Vassal House Serene headed to the Norlandic capital of Vjorhelm, Looking to discuss peace. Instead they attempted to end the life of the Norlandic King Javier Ruric. The Ruric Household guard quickly entered the hall and slaughtered the Serene Bannermen, cutting through them rather quickly. The remaining Serene leaders were executed, some being be-headed by Javier Ruric himself, some hung on the Ashtree, and others were thrown off the side of the city.


Vjorhelm sat to the West of Tahn, resting upon the Western Isles with steep cliffs jutting several hundred feet above the water’s surface.

Notable places in Vjorhelm

  • Center Square
  • Grand Hall
  • The Docks

Notable Figures

  • Orvar of House Freysson


The Kingdom of Norland had a hereditary monarchy style of government with King Javier I as the ruler of the kingdom. Under him was the Ashen Council which consisted of seven members. The members of the Council were personally picked by the King of Norland. Military The Vjorhelm Military acted as the main military for Norland, and was named the Ruricguard. They prided themselves in preventing crime, and upholding the law. A Ruric Guard could be recognized by the red and black color scheme of their uniform.

The guards received housing as well as all the necessary equipment required to carry out their job upon joining.



The majority of Norlanders adhere to the religion of the Red Faith and the teachings that Allfatherism entails.