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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

Reedsborough was the small village of the Halflings in Axios. Reedsborough could be found on the outskirts of the Sutican border. The Halflings that had travelled to the village started by building their burrows, the hills growing rapidly and the commotion of footsteps and building taking over for some time until it all seemed to stop suddenly and the townsfolk returned to a place they knew and loved, the town's tavern.

The townsfolk were very protective over their farms along with their shogging logs, which floated atop the lake. These folk loved to farm, party and drink, all being heightened in times of annual festivals and parties. The Halflings lived inside their small burrows, all of them quite small, which made it near impossible for any race but a halfling to go into them unless you were quite small and on your hands and knees.


Reedsborough was led by three Elders and assisted by the Sheriff in times of need. These Elders were the only ones allowed to let people live in the town, most Halflings being accepted instantly. The three Elders were Larry Shortoak, Berilac Overhill and Bolo Willowbottom. Although Reedsborough was under the rule of Sutica, they were left pretty much alone and tended to stay out of the affairs of each other. Nothing much else happened to the halflings, they were a very peaceful folk and hadn't done anything noteworthy in their time in the village. After 1600, the town of Reedsborough had become less and less inhabited. As more and more halflings moved out it became deserted and thus the Sutican government decided to have all the owners that were left in the town evicted for it to be used differently. Ever after that nobody lived in the settlement.


The halfling's culture is different from most. Halflings are quite a lot like hobbits, and do things like them. Halflings have houses inside hills, and the ground called burrows. They are large enough for a halfling to stand in, so around 3 feet and 6 inches, causing races like humans, elves, and dwarves to have to crawl to get around these burrows. Halflings act differently from the other races, such as wearing no shoes, getting drunk and partying every day, farming, taking care of their village, and smoking halfling grass. Their culture is rather laid back, and are very peaceful. Halflings don't have any special cultural food, they eat food that goes well together and taste great! They also make their own music, their type of music is ones that make them happy and make their heart race.


This small village housed a small lake, a large farm due to the Halflings love for the land and farming and a large pen for animals such as sheep and pigs. On the outskirts of the village was the beach where some Halflings could be found playing in the sand and preparing for some of the upcoming festivals. In the centre of the plot they had a rather large gazebo for annual tea parties and socialization. Although this small race loves their privacy, they did enjoy travellers who came to trade or visit and many were welcomed and invited to sit and share a drink with them in the tavern.


Reedsborough had many different laws, but most of them were aimed toward halflings!

  • Never wear shoes
  • Never be a thief to your fellow kin
  • Always share
  • Respect everyone and be nice
  • Always drink and have fun
  • Don't hurt anyone without talking it through first
  • Protect your fellow kin
  • Only use shovels
  • Never wear armor.

These were the main laws and punishments would be decided by the sheriff and his deputy. There were many different types of punishments. Depending on the severity of th crime, you could get spanked, shoveled, or jailed for a day! To clear things up, shoveling is when multiple halflings attack you with a shovel. To be 'shoveled' may not sound scary, but if you see ten halflings running at you with a shovel, you better get away quickly, as it won't be a quick and painless death!

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