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"Jornheim, Capital of the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah in Axios, circa 1641"
Race: Dwarves
Affiliation: Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah
Location: Tahn, Axios
Founded: 1609
High King: Verthaik II Frostbeard
High Queen: Signa Blackaxe

Jornheim was the home of the Frostbeards in late Axios and later the second capital of Kaz'Ulrah. It was founded as a hold by Kerwyr Frosbeard, Gorum Frostbeard and Barradin Stormbreaker (born Frostbeard) after the Frostbeard Clan left the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. It received it's name from the original Frostbeard home in Aegis, and became the center of trade and culture in the North.


Hold of Jornheim

After the Frostbeards left Urguan, they travelled the Northern lands searching for a suitable location to create their new home. They eventually settled on the mountains surrounding the town of Vsevograd, built upon the burnt ruins of St. Karlsburg. After discussing with the Lord of those lands, they decided that if Vsevograd was attacked, the Frostbeards would come to defend the city. In exchange for this, they would be allowed to live in the mountains above the city without restriction on culture or religion. Interestingly, the hold was designed by Grark Ireheart, rather than a Frostbeard. Regardless, within months, the hold of Jornheim was complete and swarming with Frostbeards as they moved out of Kal'Omith and into the Northern hold. The Frostbeards lived here all the way until a swarm of spiders entered the main portion of the hold through the Brewery which Azaghal Frostbeard made.


After Jornheim was reclaimed by the Army of Kaz'Ulrah, work was set out immediately. High Architect Hamnil Frostbeard was quick to design an outline and employed a workforce of incredible work ethic. The hold was rebuilt and then expanded into a city - all within two years!