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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

"Kal'Omith, when it was capital of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan circa 1608"
Race: Dwarves
Affiliation: Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah
Location: Tahn
Founded: 1592
Final Ruler: Verthaik II Frostbeard
  • Grand Confidant: N/A
  • Grand Marshal: N/A
  • High Prophet: N/A
  • High Remembrancer: N/A
  • High Consul: N/A
  • Grand Merchant: N/A
  • Arch Rune-Lord: N/A
  • Tavern Keeper: N/A

Kal'Omith was the capital city of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, located beneath the mountains of northern Tahn. It was on of the most populous and prosperous Dwarven cities, many citizens within the city being among the richest in Axios. It was founded by an ambitious team of Dwarves seeking to revitalize Dwarven culture, led by Grand King Algoda Frostbeard. The city itself was built above a large system of caves, passages and ruins known as the Deep roads. The plans utilized to construct the city were discovered in Grand King Omithiel Strongbrow's tomb, the city was named in his honour.


Construction and Thereafter

After the deeming of the previous city of Kal'Nikaer as being poorly designed, Grand King Algoda Frostbeard commissioned the city of Kal'Omith be built. The city took designs and knowledge from the Hall of Urguan and combined it with the architecture used by the Paragon of Building Omithiel Strongbrow, naming the city after him. The city served as the capital for the Grand Kingdom through Philip's War where the dwarves defended their lands against the Holy Orenian Empire. The first Grand King crowned in the city was Bastion Ireheart, who was elected and crowned after the execution of Algoda Frostbeard by the Orenian Emperor Philip Frederick Horen.

The Deeproads

The Deeproads of Kal'Omith are largely unknown and uncharted however recent expeditions have uncovered vast amounts of goblin hordes living beneath.

Slaughter of the Senate

After the death of the Dwarven King Bastion Ireheart the Senate of Hammers, representatives of all clans who gather to appoint a Grand King of Urguan, convened to select a new Grand King after Bastion had been buried in the council chambers overlooking the cavernous throne room below. While the Senate was convening a sudden commotion was caused by Kerwyr Frostbeard, the Clan Father of the Frostbeard clan. Kerwyr and the gathered Frostbeards exerted that the old way of selecting a Grand King was outdated and wanted to unite the Kingdom in a new way with strengthened alliances and believed the Senate incapable. The rest of the gathered representatives resisted this until Hogarth Irongut slammed his hammer against Kerwyr's shield, leading to the Slaughter of the Senate that left the Senate of Hammers broken, and the Frostbeards in control of Kal'Omith while the Senate of Hammers retreated to the Grandaxe clan home of Tal’Azmar to begin a bloody Throne War.


Kal'Omith was located along the seaside road between the Haenseti-Ruskan Empire and the City of Arcadia, tucked carefully between two massive mountain ranges. To reach the city's gates one had to climb a series of long and not-so-steep stairways placed between two gargantuan states of dwarves holding forever-lit torches. The city's main gate was lavishly decorated, protected by a multiple-meter thick doorway sealed only when the city closed it's gates for foreign entry, or in times dangerous to the integrity of the capital. Across from the city gates sat the ocean, and a very narrow strip of beach. Few shrubs dotted the landscape, trees often in far-flung areas, however alongside the pathway leading to the gate, behind the states sat a small fir forest, brought to life to bring natural beauty to the city entryway.

Grand Kings

  • Grand King Omithiel Strongbrow - Paragon of Builders and Architects, his build plans and designs were used to create shape the city.
  • Grand King Algoda Frostbeard - Grand King who commissioned the city, first Grand King to rule over Kal'Omith.
  • Grand King Bastion Ireheart - The second Grand King to rule over Kal'Omith, known for maintaining peace and stability.
  • Grand King Gror Ireheart - The third Grand King to rule over Kal'Omith, known for crushing the second Frostbeard rebellion and executing it's leader Kerwyr Frostbeard.
  • Grand King Zahrer Irongrinder - The fourth Grand King to rule of Kal'Omith, known for being one of the only Dwarves to be crowned twice as well as unanimously by the Senate of Hammers, later dissolving the senate for a new system of government.
  • Grand King Frerir Irongrinder

Notable Figures

  • Kerwyr Frostbeard - Clan Lord of the Frostbeard Clan, and High Arbiter under Bastion Ireheart. Would conquer the city during the second Frostbeard uprising.
  • Morug Goldhand - Grand Champion of Bastion Ireheart, first to hold the title within Kal'Omith
  • Dimlin Irongut - Champion of Kal'Omith, first Champion of the city
  • Avilia Frostbeard - Wife of Bastion Ireheart, Grand Queen of Urguan
  • Fimlin Grandaxe - Former Grand King and former Lord Reagent of Kal'Omith.
  • Gror Ireheart - Reclaimed the city after Frostbeard forces abandoned it during the second Frostbeard uprising.
  • Oyvind Frostbeard - Grand Marshal under Bastion Ireheart, he is best known for revitalizing the activity of the Legion
  • Gorum Frostbeard - Notorious for his riches and generous donations to Bastion Ireheart, allowing the Kingdom of Urguan to be the richest Nation
  • Baldin Frostbeard-Grandaxe -Steward of Kal'Omith after its conquest through the Frostbeard coup. Responsible for handing the city back to the Urguanian loyalists. Branded a traitor by the Frostbeards.


Kal'Omith was directly governed by the government of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. The highest city authority was the Grand King, elected by the Senate of Hammers. Directly beneath the Grand King sat his Council, the high administrative authority over the Kingdom and its forces, appointed by the Grand King himself. The Senate of Hammers wielded great authority over matters of specific national importance, known to from time to time decide if the nation would go to war, dethrone Kings, etc.

For a more detailed introduction to Dwarven government, [1].


Kal'Omith housed clan halls for each clan whom took residence within the city.

The Legion of Urguan

The Legion of Urguan was the standing fighting force of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Existing since its inception in Aegis, it's primary function was the protection of the dwarves of Urguan and their allies from internal and external threats. The Legion prided itself on being a multiracial organization, as long as its recruits shared the same ideals and beliefs.

Grand Marshal: Frerir Irongrinder


See [2].