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Garrond 'Orcsbane' Frostbeard
"I am a diplomatic dwarf."

High King of Kaz'Ulrah
Reign: 1657-1671
Predecessor: Torvin Blackaxe
Successor: Dreek Ireheart II
Born: 13th of the Deep Cold, 1412
Father: Gorum Frostbeard
Mother: Fatma Frostbeard
Issue: Throri Stonemace, Hamnil Frostbeard, Macklemore Frostbeard

Garrond Frostbeard (born 13th of the Deep Cold, 1412) is the son of Gorum Frostbeard and is also the founder of the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah, of which he is still an active memeber of. He served as Kerwyr Frostbeard's adviser and later as a mentor to his son, the future High King of Kaz'Ulrah, Verthaik II Frostbeard. He was the King's Hand for Torvin Blackaxe, until his abdication as High King where he was later chosen as Torvin's heir.



Garrond grew up playing in the streets of Kal'Azgoth with his Frostbeard brothers and sisters, and occasionally with the studious Irongut whom he protected from the rowdy Grandaxe and Ireheart beardlings. He often accompanied his father on his many ambassadorial jobs, and learned how to mediate and make deals from a very early age. After his father left on a long journey, Garrond stayed with the Dwarves until their conquest of Oren when he too left to go on a journey to learn how to live on his own in the harsh wild.


After journeying for nearly 30 years, Garrond returned to find the Dwarves in a terrible state, and so he left to find work elsewhere. His path led him to the human Kingdom of Aesterwald where he portrayed himself as Garrond Copperbeard, dying his beard and hair brown therefore concealing his Frostbeard identity. He was quickly hired by the Marshal of Aesterwald, Raomir Armon and made a miner. Garrond spent much time in the mines beneath Vanderfell, and his contributions helped arm the Order of the Black Eagle, Aesterwald's official army.

During the Schism War, Garrond fought on the front with the rest of the Vanders. During this time, he was promoted to Corporal by the Marshal and led a small detachment of Eagles, usually patrolling the Aesterwald border to prevent Raevir sneak attacks. As the Schism War came to an end, and it became apparant that Aesterwald would soon be no more, Garrond was granted a sum of iron and gold for his service and was sent on his way. He continued to travel around, before once again leaving to explore, this time the land of Athera.


Garrond returned to the Frostbeard Clan in Axios when he heard word that his father Gorum Frostbeard was back. Upon his arrival, Gorum could not believe it was his son Garrond, and challenged him to defeat an orc on a thin bridge outside of Kal'Nikaer, which hung over a river of molten lava. After an hour of strenuous battle, Garrond overcame the Orc and cast him down into the chasm beneath. Gorum, and then Clan Lord Kerwyr Frostbeard were overjoyed at Garrond's return and he was quickly reintegrated into the clan. Alongside his close childhood friend Grungot Frostbeard, a fierce warrior in his own right, Garrond joined the Legion and fought in the Coalition War which saw the fall of Oren and the rise of Courland. He continued to be an active member of the Legion all the way until the Frostbeards left Kal'Omith for their mountain home of Jornheim.

Throne War

After the Frostbeards left Kal'Omith, Garrond accommpanied his father and close friend Kerwyr to their new mountain hold of Jornheim, which was built in the mountains above old St. Karlsburg. Here the Frostbeards began to gather their kin and Garrond was one of the more active members of the Jornheim committee for Frostbeard relocation. After the events of the Senate Slaughter, Garrond was made Grand Adviser to Kerwyr Frostbeard and remained in this position for the entirety of the Throne War. After the Throne War ended, and Kerwyr was executed, Garrond assisted the new Clan Lord Rudok Frostbeard in various ways. He helped maintain Jornheim in Frostbeard control and also ensured that there was still a steady flow of Frostbeards to the town. After Rudok left on a long journey, Garrond took control of the Clan and mentored Kerwyr's son Verthaik II Frostbeard on Frostbeard history and the importance of civil struggle. Garrond and the Frostbeards were forced out of Jornheim when a host of spiders broke lose from the depths of the mountain and took control of the town.

New Jornheim

After the fall of Jornheim, Garrond commisioned the construction of New Jornheim, which was to be built upon the ruins of Vsevograd, a Courlandic-era town built upon the ruins of the Haense capital of St. Karlsburg. The town was completed by the son of Garrond, Hamnil Frostbeard and swiftly became the Northern trade center of the Axios island Tahn. Due to the success of the town, the Frostbeard clan grew exponentially, and became an attractive ally to many nations, and even attracted other Dwarf clans which had been grounded in Kal'Omith until now. The most notable Clan's to come live in New Jornheim was the Goldhand clan, and the detachment of Grandaxes who became known as the Blackaxe Clan. Around this time, the Romstuns, old Frostbeard allies came to request Garrond's aide in fighting off the Oren coalition which aimed to kill them all off. Garrond was quick to accept, especially upon hearing that Urguan was on Oren's side, and wishing to get revenge for the lose during the Throne War. Despite a large New Jornheim rally, mainly composed of Frostbeards but also having some Goldhands, Blackaxes and Orcs, the Romstun-Frostbeard coalition fell to the Orenite Coalition which outnumbered them three to one. Even so, the Frostbeards gained a large amount of respect from many for standing by their allies even in the face of such terrifying odds.


After Torvin handed over the throne to Garrond, a variety of changes were enforced. First off, the Kaz'Ulrah military was reformed under a new name by Garrond and his Grand Marshal; Farrdak Ireheart. It was named the Vanguard of Kaz'Ulrah and aimed to better protect Kal'Tarak and the borders of Kaz'Urah. After that, two guilds were formed to help the citizens of the Kingdom; the Smithing Guild and Mining Guild. Alongside this, Garrond began to hold regular meetings where any citizen could be present to listen, and often was allowed to give constructive input. One of his last acts as king was the clan oaths, these clan oaths would hold the clans of Kaz'Ulrah to their word that they would not abandon the kingdom, it people or ruler. Another act was turning Garronds vale into a national park, preserving the beauty and work of Anbella, and allowing newer generations of beardlings to look upon the green fields of Kal'Tarak.


  • Garrond remained infamous due to his weak connection to the mundane world. He was known to disappear and re-appear moments later, complaining about bad weather and "kiwis".