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Frostbeard Clan Sigil

The Frostbeard Clan (Common: Frostbeard; Dwarven: Azwyrtrumm), is an Elder Dwarven Clan, founded by the son of Urguan, Kaz'Ulrah. Throughout it's long history, the Frostbeard clan has been the most progressive of all Dwarf clans, being the most likely to stand up to tyranny and lethargism. After leaving Urguan multiple times, most notably during the Ironborn reign, the Frostbeard clan left for a final time in Axios, moving out to the North where it established it's own Dwarven Kingdom; the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah.


The name Frostbeard comes from the first group of dwarves who came down from the mountains where Old Jornheim was located. Due to living very high up in the mountains, their beards had a lot of frost on them, and as a result the other dwarves named them Frostbeards.


Frostbeard origins reach all the way to the ancient land of Aegis, but first known data and lineage is connected to Asulon, with Karl Frostbeard as the clan father at the time.


The Frostbeards were a group of Dwarves who lived deep within the mountains of Aegis. They were not very well known nor did they want to be; they admired their culture and traditions and how they lived. Soon, however, a group of travellers came into their village seeking refuge and shelter from the unforgiving snow storm. Generously, the Frostbeards opened their doors and sheltered the cold and hungry travellers, but these travellers were soon to cause a lot of havoc. The travellers thanked them for their generosity and asked if they could purchase a house in the village for their goods that they were selling. The Frostbeards gave them the house without hesitation, but the Dwarves could not have known the travellers true intentions.

After the travellers settled in Jornheim, the townspeople slowly grew more hostile towards each other. They began to fight over prices of food and minerals, which ultimately led to a rift forming between the inhabitants. Soon, without the knowledge of the Jarl, the town was to become divided into two sides, one being the Domnu’s and one being the Dechtire’s. Both sides were evenly matched and had around the same number of supporters, but what it was they supported was the question that was never asked. Without notice the travellers had corrupted the minds of the innocent civilians of the town of Jornheim, causing a civil war to take place inside its mighty walls. It was to be a massacre that was never forgotten.

The Jarl grew anxiously worried of the actions of his people towards each other; he drew his attention towards his mercenaries, who were to go and restore order within the town and bring all this chaos to a halt. However, the mercenaries misinterpreted the orders of the Jarl and instead caused even more havoc by threatening the civilians with severe consequences for their actions. This only further stirred the tension, as the Jarl was now being targeted by his own people. Meanwhile, the travellers watched as the town grew angrier and angrier with one another, and without notice the travellers slipped away as if they were never there. Finally, a meeting was called in the centre of the town by the Jarl, where they were to negotiate on terms the Jarl did not approve of.

The Domnus wanted to be separated from the Dechtire’s and wanted a wall between the town separating it in half, the Dechtire’s, however, wanted to take a more aggressive approach towards the situation and said they wanted to burn down all the Dechtire’s houses, but then the Jarl shouted at the top of his lungs, "Silence!" Responding, the town quickly comprehended and grew quiet. The Jarl then asked his people "Why, Why dae ye want tae fite each otherr! Why!" No one had an answer to that as the crowd slowly started mumbling and talking between each other, but suddenly, an arrow was fired from a far flung watch tower hitting the Jarl in the heart. He tumbled down from the platform, then landing in the middle of his people. His blood poured down from the back of his head forming a ruby puddle in the street. The people watched in horror before a loud voice shouted, "The Domnu's did it!" This caused the Domnu’s to take out their swords and stand defensively as the Dechtire's gathered around them shouting "Death!" While others agreed, "Aye death tae tha wee bastardsh!" The voices echoed as a dark shadow stood in the watch tower overseeing all this with a slight grin on his face. With that, a civil war had been started.

The Domnu's hurried to their side of the town where they had stayed and armed themselves in a defensive manner. The Dechtire's did the same; however, they were charging towards the Domnu's with everything they had. Blood stained the streets as the Jarl’s body was hidden within the Tower of the Dead. The sun slowly began to rise as the result of the Domnu's and Dechtire's skirmish was revealed. The stone had turned from grey to red, and only three people were left alive from the bloodshed; however, the handful of survivors soon left the empty, blood-stained town behind.


In the lands of Asulon, the Frostbeards plunged to their lowest point in terms of honor and strength, and later on their highest point in honor, strength, and power. Right after the arrival to the sanctuary of Asulon, many of the Frostbeards split apart. Karl Frostbeard, the clan father at the time, did everything in his power to reunite the scattered Frostbeards but to no avail. Soon after, Karl the Orcbane vanished, and not a single Dwarf knew what had become of him. Years later, several Frostbeards banded together and returned to Karik, reuniting under the clan name and with the leadership of Clan Father Liam Frostbeard. This was truly a new era for the Frostbeards, for better and for worse.

Many years had passed by and the Frostbeards, who had ended up taking up residence in Alras, had decided to mend the tensions between the clan and the Dwarven Nation by returning to their roots. The Frostbeards did not return to the Nation empty handed, however, they returned with an entire Kingdom in their grasp and granted ownership of it towards the Nation of Karik. During this time the Frostbeards had created a marriage bond with the Goldhands, living under their wing in the times in which they struggled. It was around this time when Goruk “The Great” Frostbeard, son of Karl “The Orcbane” Frostbeard, had returned to join the remaining Frostbeards and lead them to greater glory. That he did, leading them into many battles and returning the Frostbeards to their former glory in terms of power and strength. It was around this time when the Frostbeards took a plot of land in the Nation of Karik, and upon it they built a stronghold that will be spoken of in old tavern tales for many years to come. The Frostbeards had the money, the power, and the strength to stop living under the Goldhands wing, so they did exactly that and took up their rightful birth name once more, while living under their own traditions and teachings.

Years later, after the three holds had mended under one Kings rule once more, the Frostbeards had risen to take up council positions within the Kingdom and restore the glory of the Dwarves. Chief Goruk the Great had become Lord Marshal of the Dwarves, and Gorum Frostbeard had become the High Ambassador of the Dwarves. Goruk was known as the Dwarf who restored the Legion from the shards it was left in by the previous Lord Marshal, Grimloth Irongut. The Legion was restored to its former glory entirely, leading the Dwarves into a new era of power, wealth, and ever expanding land conquered by the power of the Legion all under the leadership of Goruk. As time passed by, tensions began to rise between Lord Marshal Goruk and King Hiebe Irongut. Goruk and the Frostbeards had tensions with Hiebe and the Ironguts, tensions that had been contained until one day Goruk and Gorum fully attempted to overthrow Hiebe; however, not in a dishonourable way. They wished to go about it while still entirely following the Dwarven constitution by using a re-election of some sort. The Frostbeards had the full backing of the council members, but when it came time to vote the council backed away and betrayed the Frostbeards trust. Afterwards, both Gorum and Goruk Frostbeard stepped down from their military and diplomatic positions before taking a leave from the Dwarves for quite some time.

It is common belief that the Frostbeards are not good merchants, but they are on par with the Goldhands, if not better at some points. In Aegis, Asulon, Anthos and now Athera they have been the richest Dwarven clan. It is the Frostbeard tradition to maintain wealth that has been acquired through hard work and labour.


Many years had passed, and Goruk the Great had vanished in similar fashion to the disappearance of Karl the Orcbane. Liam Frostbeard, former Clan Father, returned to the Frostbeards for a brief amount of time before getting back to his hunt. Upon arrival to the new lands, the Frostbeards had once again taken positions of authority within the Dwarven Kingdom. This time, however, they had no quarrels with the reigning King. Gorum Frostbeard had become one of five Lords of the Dwarves, directly under King Omithiel, and Moruk Frostbeard had become the Grand Merchant. It was also around this time that King Omithiel proposed to Moiruh Frostbeard, making her the future queen of the Kingdom of Urguan.

The Kingdom of Urguan began to prosper under the rule of King Omithiel, and the Frostbeards began to prosper as well. They had kept to their tradition of remaining and maintaining the title of the richest clan, but the same could not be said in terms of power and strength. The Frostbeards were leaderless, lost, and near the brink of a second collapse when an unexpected arrival happened during this crisis. It was the second coming of great Clan Lord Karl “The Orcbane” Frostbeard. A new era was to unfold in the lands of Anthos as it did in the lands of Asulon, an era where there would be no rise and fall for the Frostbeards, there would only be ascension.


During this time, the Frostbeards dwindled to naught but a memory, a memory of wealth and power. They came to near extinction, taking no part in both of the Fringe wars and any wars to come. With the coming of thales, an old dwarf, by the name of Rhewen sneaked onto the boat leaving the war torn land of the Fringe and sailed for the unknown, he was of sturdy stock, with jet black hair and piercing blue eyes. In the entirety of Thales Rhewen was found to be the last Frostbeard and last of the sons of Karl. Throughout the span of Thales, he remade the clan, into his own brutal life style of barbarism and hunting, remaning uncultured and swarthy. Here he created many traditions still practiced currently. Rhewen led the clan to prosperity, being great in numbers and of all, in women. He married many of his daughters to other clans, doing so meant improving the relations between clans Grandaxe, Ireheart, and Starbreaker.


During the reign of Midgor in Athera, Rhewen disappeared for a great hunt, where he slew a great black bear, he dons this pelt to this day, but he was not presence for the remainder of Midgor's reign, and did not return until the end of Grand King Fimlin Grandaxe's reign.When Fimlin was king, in the world of Athera, Verthaik Frostbeard journeyed to the kingdom, the sole living known member of the clan. He took over as Clan Father as there was no other and immediately began finding and connecting members into the lineage. The clan began to grow again as members flocked to Verthaik’s leadership and soon became one of the largest. Soon, Verthaik became recognized as a capable leader and warrior and after many failure Grand Marshals, Grand King Vorstag made Verthaik the new Grand Marshal. He had received a Legion that did not exist and recreated it from the ground up. Even though the Grand Kindom was in tatters and its population small, Verthaik recreated a competent and organized military that could actually function.

At this time Verthaik began to enter the politics of the kingdom, as he sought to bring Frostbeard back to its glory and remove the corruption of the kingdom. He quickly became Arbiter after a few moves and made himself a big player in the council and worked to bring his clan into membership of it. However, as Verthaik was too busy with the war against the humans, the cave dwarf coalition made a power move and removed Verthaik as arbiter. As Verthaik finally moved his attention back into his politics, he quickly was able to obtain a seat on the council for the Frostbeards. He made an alliance among the mountain dwarves and a clear division was made as Verthaik had gained control.

It was not long after, though, that Verthaik had enough of the petty politics of the kingdom and took his clan and left the kingdom in self exile.

Eventually, Vulkin returned to the kingdom and attempted to lead the clan back in a failed attempt and left. Afterwards, Verthaik’s grandfather, Rhewen took over the clan and members began to slowly migrate back into the kingdom until the Orc-Dwarf war, where Rhewen formed the Rune Guard, the guard force of all sacred to Dungrimm and the ancestors of Urguan, protector of clan and kingdom artifacts, here their might was as strong as it had ever been. During the war, Rhewen was killed savagely by the orcs and made into a hero and rallying call for the dwarves. The power behind this even moved Verthaik into returning to the kingdom once more, obtaining clan leadership again and a claiming commander in the Legion. But on the battle of the grassy fields, Rhewen charged down the mountain, revived and a beard of white, snow falling to his rear, screaming with all pride and honor "Narvak oz Azwyrtrumm!' as he and Verthaik led the Rune guard of Frostbeards to victory on the right flank of the battle, where they came clashing down upon the orc camp and slaughtering all in their midst. After this, enaring the end of Athera, Gorum and Goruk returned to the kingdom, along with many lost members of the clan. Here Verthaik and the sons of Karl plotted to take the throne of Urguan during the next election. At this time, Rhewen, forging away in the Frsotbeard Smithy, created a legendary axe of carbarum, with the smoking handle of a Ghoul bone, this he named "Frostbite", it was the axe he carried unto the new world of Vailor, where the frostbeards might continued.


Soon, with the beginning of Vailor, the Grand King Balek Irongut was taken underseas by the great devourer, this starting an election. In the election ran Verthaik Frostbeard, Skippy Irongut, and Lathros Oilbeard. After many months of voting, the senate chose Skippy Irongut as their king. Outraged with the election, and the false votes removed on Verthaiks side, Verthaik seceded from the kingdom along with clan Blackfist and Goldhand and declared open rebellion against the kingdom, a move filled with overconfidence and pride, with this Rhewen went into hiding. After many skirmishes and raids, where the Mountains Monarchy were thought to be winning the war, a great battle was had. Forces from all of the allies of the Grand Kingom were summoned, and a great legion of dwarves were summoned. There proud Verthaik stood, his army ready for a fight, yet they were outnumbered and outmatched, yet to battle they marched, the standard of Durmiir among their army, raised high and proud, bearing the hammer of Kazulrah with a blue and grey field. The forces of the Mountain Monarchy and The Grand Kingdom met on the Battlefield and fought. At this battle the forces of Verthaik were utterly crushed, Verthaik, and Varuk were slain in battle, the standard of Durmiir, pressed into the ground by the honorable pridebearer. But as the Frostbeards, who had sided with the kingdom looked upon the battlefield after the event took place, they found that the standard was missing. The loyal Frostbeards mourned their dead, and a great pyre was made, burning all of their fallen brothers.

After the Frostbeard Rebellion, Rhewen came again back from a hunt, with this he donned a great scar upon his face, and a greater black pelt upon his bare back. But with his return, he found the legion retired, and the Grand Marshal nowhere to be found. He was outraged at the sight! And so he approached the Grand King, Skippy, and demanded the legion be restored, and so Skippy gave the order. Rhewen was proclaimed the new Grand Marshal of the Legion, with this he created many reforms and authorized many defenses. Rhewen led a battle against the savage and honorless orcs, leading beside him was Zahrer Irongrinder. In the battle Rhewen and his men charged up the great pillars of Krug and Rhewen himself threw down the Great Orc Rex and slew him. Yet the clan is in shambles, few remaining after the rebellion. The Frostbeards still dwindle and make no major footprint on the kingdom.




Mere weeks upon arriving on the shores of Atlas, The Frostbeards took to building a city carved through the mountain valley near the coast and close to cloud temple. This city would be known as Kal'Tarak and would become the capital city of the dwarfs after being built months after the Frostbeards had settled in the area. The surrounding mountain valley would be named after Garrond Frostbeard, the Clan Father at the time who founded the kingdom along with his fellow clan members. Due to the Frostbeard city being complete in the early months of arriving on Atlas, many dwarfs would settle within the area bolstering the population and further growing the influence and power the Frostbeards had. During the early period of Kaz'Ulrahs creation and later growth in population, the kingdom would be ruled by a series of Frostbeards. Due to ongoing disputes between how much the Frostbeards had influence and recruitment of new beardlings, the Frostbeards halted their recruiting of new members and instead worked on running the kingdom. After years of working and relative peace, many Frostbeards who had no drive to linger disappeared, with some staying behind in Kal'Tarak to insure its ideals were kept. This resulted in the clan's stagnation and eventual decline as they allowed other clans to recruit beardlings within their kingdom. Finally after many of their clan had upped and left, only two Frostbeards remained, Garrond Frostbeard and Kanjigar Frostbeard.

While the Frostbeard clan remained in stagnation and in a state of few numbers, the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah became more friendlier towards other clans, some of which had fought against them in the previous Frostbeard Rebellions. However, after a population drop in Kal'Tarak caused by a rival dwarven faction and eventually the start of the Third Coalition war between the Coalition and the Empire of man and the Elves, the kingdom's capital had fallen under siege and eventually broke. The few remaining Frostbeards within the Battle had called for a retreat alongside their fellow coalition forces with the Frostbeards themselves escaping through the docks and resting atop the mountains miles from the smoking city. Hamnil and Garrond and his fellow Frostbeards looked at the devastation of their city and swore revenge against the forces that destroyed their home. Knowing however that the enemy forces were too strong at the moment, he and his fellow Frostbeards scattered, heading into self imposed exile into the right time came.

After 5 years of self imposed exile, Hamnil Frostbeard sent ravens to his fellow Clans-dwarfs across the vast lands of Atlas calling them for a meeting near the roads of the now ruined Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah. During the meeting, it was decided by Hamnil his brother Kaldrek and his father Garrond that the it was time for the Frostbeards to return to the public. They built a small hold off the side of the roads leading to the ruins of Kaz'Ulrah and rallied their numbers. With a purpose and with numbers, the Frostbeards took to raiding and pillaging the settlements of Atlas including the Dominion of Malin and the Kingdom of Aganrum. The clan was once more growing in number.


Frostbeard Clan Appearance

Throughout Axios, the Frostbeards are easily recognizable by their blue eyes and black hair. They often don bear hide, slung over their shoulders, with some opting to pull the head of the bear over their head (although this practice has become less and less prevalent ). They are known to be four foot five, with some rising to the giant height of five feet! The colors of the Frostbeards are blue and white, and a Frostbeard is usually seen wearing clothes with colors of their clan. A Frostbeards uniform can sometimes also be recognized by their bear pelts that they wear as cloaks, which serve as a proud proof to everyone that they have done their clan trial, granting them the family title of the Frostbeards.


Common life

Frostbeards on the first look, may seem like unfriendly and harsh in their acts, they are quite contrary (for their friends, at least). Loyalty and honor mean everything to them, and they shall fight with great spirit and virtue just to prove it. Frostbeards usually tend to have honesty in their conversations, and tend to act harshly if it seems that the situation is unjust or ungrateful to any and all of their standards. Much like all dwarves, they like any company and heavy drinking with their fellow clansmen and friends is a standard norm for them.


Much like other clans, Frostbeards worship the Brathmordakin in their everyday life and culture. Many clansmen consider Wyrvun, the aengul of cold and righteousness, as their deity and pray to him in battle for good luck and fortune.



No matter if a dwarf is connected with the Frostbeards in honor or Bloodline, they must pass their trials, which consist of a single task. A Frostbeard recruit is to venture off into the woods, and bring a bear pelt from a bear they hunted themselves. Depending on the clan father, the weapon restrictions may change. Some clan fathers demand that the bear must be killed with an ancestry weapon, which is usually a finely crafted stone axe or warhammer. On the other hand, a clan father may task the recruit to kill the bear with the bear with their bear bare hands. After their completed tasks, newly proven Frostbeards usually wear the pelt as a cloak to show their worth to Frostbeards and dwed alike.


  • Do not cause harm to a fellow Frostbeard.
  • Do not steal from a fellow Frostbeard.
  • Do not badmouth a fellow Frostbeard.
  • Always back up a fellow Frostbeard.
  • Listen to your Elders and the Clan Father.
  • The Clan Father’s word is final.
  • In the case of the Clan Father becoming Grand King, he must pass on the title of Clan *Father to another Frostbeard.
  • Loyalty to the Clan Father is a must.
  • Surrendering in battle is NOT a choice.

Notable Figures

Garrond 'Orcsbane' Frostbeard
Garrond 'Orcsbane' Frostbeard, son of Gorum Frostbeard, was a Clan Lord when Rudok Frostbeard left on a long journey. He led the Clan to greater heights, and is considered by many to be one of the best Clan Lords. He was the founder of the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah, although he immediatly handed the title of High King to the son of Kerwyr Frostbeard, Verthaik II Frostbeard.
Gorum Frostbeard
Gorum Frostbeard, the eldest son of Karl Frostbeard, was the most well known Frostbeard of them all. He is most famous for being the richest Dwarf to exist in the realms of Asulon and Anthos, allowing him to fund a good portion of the Dwarven Kingdom's industry. In his old age he would always be in contact with the younger generation of Frostbeards, sharing as much knowledge as he could before his passing.
Verthaik II Frostbeard
Verthaik II Frostbeard, son of Kerwyr Frostbeard, was the first High King of Kaz'Ulrah. He led the greatest battle the Dwarves have ever seen against what was left of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, liberating the Dwarven race from stagnation. It is said that Kal'Tarak became the most successful city ever inhabited by the Dwarven race under the rule of Verthaik II.
Oyvind Frostbeard
Oyvind Frostbeard, son of Karl Frostbeard, was a ferocious Dwarven warrior who reached unrivaled levels of fame for his combat ability. He was the fourth official Champion of Urguan, earning him a spot among the leading Dwarves in Asulon and Anthos. He managed the most successful smithing business the Dwarves have ever seen alongside his brother Gorum, making the Frostbeard name famous throughout the lands of Anthos.
Rhewen Frostbeard
Rhewen Frostbeard, youngest son of Karl Frostbeard, was a Grand King of Urguan. He is most famous for leading the Dwarves through the notorious Eighteen Years' War as well as establishing the temporary state of Vanderguan. The Frostbeard tradition of utilizing war paint traces back to Rhewen, he was the first to mark his body with ancient Dwarven tomes.
Hamnil Frostbeard.png
Hamnil Frostbeard
Hamnil Frostbeard, one of the oldest sons of Garrond Frostbeard. Known for his long time as Clan Father, and his ability to change the minds of other dwarves and rally them to his cause, and his ability to design many great cities, Jornheim and Kal'Tarak for example.

Notable Members