Gorum Frostbeard

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Gorum Frostbeard
"Give me one iron ingot and I'll give you a full treasurey."
First High Ambassador of Kaz'Ulrah, Frostbeard Legend
Born: N/A
Location of Birth: Old Jornheim, Aegis
Died: 1643
Spouse: Fatma Frostbeard, Naya Goldhand, Awren Silverblade
Clan: Frostbeard
Father: Karl Frostbeard
Siblings: Oyvind Frostbeard, Goruk Frostbeard, Moruk Frostbeard, Morug, Rhewen Frostbeard
Issue: Garrond Frostbeard, Nerak Frostbeard, Ogrim Frostbeard, Nalrek Frostbeard, Valdis Frostbeard, Katty Horen, Ruby Frostbeard, Risna Frostbeard

Gorum Frostbeard (Dwarven: Gorum, Unknown - 1643) Gorum Frostbeard was an old Dwarf who was born in the realm of Aegis to the legendary founder of the Frostbeard Clan; Karl Frostbeard. He is most famous for becoming the richest Dwarf to exist in the realms of Asulon and Anthos, accumulating a wealth of over 3,000,000 Mina through his many business endeavors. With this wealth he would pay the Guilds of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan out of his own pocket, fueling several generations of active and prosperous industry.



Gorum was born to the legendary Frostbeard Clan Founder, Karl 'Orcsbane' Frostbeard in the town of Old Jornheim. Here Gorum would spend his days playing dice with the townspeople, often partnering up with his brother Moruk and hustling whoever was silly enough to play the duo. Whenever his father went to do diplomacy with the villages and hamlets surrounding Old Jornheim, Gorum would come with Karl and spend time talking to the children of the other town Lords. He would meet them and then befriend, before slowly extracting secrets which he would then turn over to his father who would use them as leverage during diplomatic talks.

One time when Karl and Gorum were journeying to the town of Rukok, they were ambushed by a gang of Cave Dwarves. Gorum swiftly drew his blade and charged the gang, slaughtering them all whilst his father sat back, laughing and cheering his son on. From that day onward, every Cave Dwarf clan either respected or feared Gorum, even the Irongut Clan.


Most of Gorum's early adulthood was spent acquiring minas with his brother Moruk Frostbeard. The two were an unstoppable fighting duo, and also amazing merchants. When an investment would fail, the two would simply rely on their bread and butter trick; playing dice. Here the two would gradually increase the odds, betting above the other until the third party would cash out. With the odds usually being in their favor, they would play until they had won all they could and then move on to the next unsuspecting player. He spent his early years living under the wing of Omithiel Strongbrow in the Kingdom of Alras, where he worked as a Junior Architect.

He served the Grand Kingdom of Urguan in early Asulon as both a High Ambassador and Architect. Soon after he was among the founding fathers of the Second Grand Kingdom of Urguan where he served in the Lords Council. Gorum was also among the Dwarves who wrote the first draft of the Dwarven Constitution alongside Bazian Grandaxe, Valen Grandaxe, Hiebe Irongut, and Kjell Ireheart.