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Valen, Paragon
Noble Paragon Valen the Wordsmith during his lordship
Patron: Ogradhad
10th of the Grand Harvest, 674
Mount Arvas
3rd of the Amber Cold, 1422 (aged 748)
Yemekar's Shrine, Urguan
Spouse: Unknown
Clan: Grandaxe
Father: Decks Blackaxe
Mother: Unknown
Issue: Morgrim Grandaxe, Gortek Grandaxe, Belrik Grandaxe, Reklu Grandaxe

Valen Grandaxe also known as Paragon Valen Grandaxe was a famous dwarven statesman and intellectual. He is remembered as one of the most preeminent dwarven scholars in history, credited with chronicling large amounts of dwarven oral traditions and culture and with rediscovering and coding the events of the Blood Age. His prowess as a leader, countless writings and sagas, and skill with words earned him the epithet of "The Wordsmith" and ultimately resulted in his ascension to Paragonship. Valen symbolizes the epitome of dwarven intellect and academia in dwarven culture, and exemplifies study and wisdom. Valen's Patron is Ogradhad.


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