Hiebe Irongut

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Hiebe, Paragon
Honorable Paragon Hiebe, His prowess in magic unmatchable
Paragon, Grand King of Urguan
Patron: Ogradhad
Spouse: Unknown
Clan: Irongut
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Issue: Unknown

Hiebe Irongut also known as King Hiebe Irongut and Paragon Hiebe Irongut was a King of the Third Kingdom of Urguan in Asulon and the Lord of Holm. Before his political career, Hiebe was a Master Sage of the Ascended and one of the first dwarven mages. Famous for his kindness, just nature, and incredible prowess with the arcane arts, Hiebe is lauded as the dwarven Paragon of Magic, epitomizing how magic can be used sparingly and with good effect. His additions to Dwarven culture were manifold, and Hiebe is seen as exemplifying study, the importance of practice, and honesty. Hiebe ultimately died when he was tricked by Lori Ireheart into putting his soul into a golem core, which was later destroyed to allow his spirit to ascend to the High Halls of Khaz'a'Dentrumm. Hiebe's patron is Ogradhad.


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