Rhewen Frostbeard

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Rhewen, Grand King
Rhewen Frostbeard
Grand King of Urguan
Reign: 1534-1547
Predecessor: Midgor Ireheart
Successor: Kardel Irongut
Grand Emperor of Urguan
Reign: 1546-1547
Spouse: Logartha Irongut
Clan: Frostbeard
Father: Karl Frostbeard
Mother: Grenda Goldhand
Issue: Rhozan, Rhodir, Rhovin, Kerwyr, Azkel

Rhewen Frostbeard (Unknown – present) was Grand King of Urguan and therefore ruler of the dwarves from 1534 until his abdication in 1547. He presided over Urguan throughout the majority of the Eighteen Years' War, also becoming the Grand Emperor of Vanderguan, a brief unitary state comprised of Urguan and Vandoria, later being disformed by the death of Harold Winter. His efforts in conjunction with those of his seneschal, Azaghal Doomforged, managing to turn the war from an imminent dwarven defeat into a bloody stalemate. After his removal from Grand King, Rhewen retired to the Mountains to live in peace, away from the bustling life of Urguan's cities. Upon hearing of the Frostbeard Rebellion and formation of Kaz'Ulrah, Rhewen returned to declare them traitors of the Clan, appointing his son Azkel Frostbeard as the successor and legitimate Clan Father of the Frostbeard Clan. Now, having traveled to the realm of Almaris, he continues to work with Azkel to rebuild the clan's image after the destruction caused by the rebellion.