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Kjell, Paragon
Mighty Paragon Kjell the One-Eyed, Lord of War, slaying a Wyrm
Paragon, Grand King of Urguan
Patron: Dungrimm
Spouse: Unknown
Clan: Ireheart
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Issue: Igor Ireheart, Dreek Ireherat, Midgor Ireheart

Kjell Ireheart also known as Emperor Kjell Ireheart and eventually as Paragon Kjell Ireheart was the ruler of the Dwarves during early Asulon and the first Emperor of Urguan. Kjell was one of the three dwarves, alongside Paragon Urir Ireheart and Paragon Valen Grandaxe, to go into the nether during the Nexus Crisis before the destruction of Aegis. Presumed dead, Kjell was found to be alive after riding to Asulon on the back of a Dragon which he subsequently slew, one of eighteen. Due to his sheer might as a warrior and broad conquests, Kjell is revered as the Paragon of War. His Patron is Dungrimm.


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