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Ranking:: Brathmordakin
Proxies:: Da Kirkja Dverga
Domain(s):: Battle, valor, bravery, honor, defense, the dead, the moon
Hostility: Amicable

Dungrimm is by far one of the most worshiped deities of The Brathmordakin second only to Yemmekar. As Anbella was incharge of life and nature it eventually became clear that there would be a need to have someone take care of those that die in this world. This was the task Dungrimm was first tasked with the protection of death and helping the natural cycle run its course and helping the worthy souls reach his halls so that they could be bid upon. Later as war became more comon in the mortal plains Dungrimm took it upon himself to become both the Brathmordakin of battle and defense. These two tasks would eventually also link him to honor, bravery, and valor.


Dungrimm tends to be depicted as a being wearing an iron mask covered in dark colored clothes. The symbol used to represent Dungrimm is his iron mask. For this reason many devout followers of Dungrimm wear an iron mask as a way to praise the Brathmordakin of death.


The lair of Dungrimm is called Khaz'A'Dentrumm, the Halls of the Dead. This hall is located in the moon and it is where all the mortal souls go when they die. In this hall dwarves and those worthy are auctioned to the Brathmordakin. If no Brathmordakin bids for a dwarf then said dwarf would be sent to Vuur'Dor where they would anguish for eternity.