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Igor, Paragon
Great Paragon Igor Ireheart, chosen of Wyrvun and bane of Corruption
Patron: Dungrimm
Spouse: Unknown
Clan: Ireheart
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Children: Bastion Ireheart, Onar Ireheart, Thorgrim Ireheart, Eileen Ireheart, Agnar Ireheart, Dain Ireheart, Kalviin Ireheart, Helgret Ireheart, Kelgrim Ireheart

Igor Ireheart, later known as Paragon Igor Ireheart was a prominent dwarven statesman and bureaucrat during the reign of Grand King Thorin Grandaxe in Anthos. His fame initially stemmed from his tenure as Grand Marshall of the Legion of Urguan, during which he crushed multiple rebellions within the kingdom and helped lead the dwarven conquest of all of Anthos. After the dissolution of the empire and the return of the fallen Aengul, Ondnarch, Igor helped lead the offensive against Ondnarch's dark forces. Being exceptionally pure of soul and devoid of personal ambition and corruption, Igor was one of the only dwarves to bypass the enchantments of Barradin's hammer, and utilized the legendary weapon to slay Ondnarch and release the divine servant of Dungrimm, Wyrvun. In the process, Igor himself was slain as necessary to liberate the Aengul. Due to his exceptional spiritual honesty, Igor rose to Paragonship as the Paragon of purity, and exemplifies incorruptibility, purpose, camaraderie, and nobility in Dwarven culture. Igor's patron is Dungrimm, but due to his aid of the Aengul Wyrvun, Igor is said to have a special relationship with the Frost Wyrm as well.


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