Omithiel Strongbrow

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Omithiel, Paragon
The Exalted Paragon Omithiel, Master of Architecture
Paragon, Grand King of Urguan
Reign: -
Predecessor: Thorik Grandaxe
Successor: Thorin Grandaxe
Spouse: Moiruh Frostbeard, daughter of Gorum Frostbeard
Clan: Strongbrow
Father: Ulinthal Strongbrow
Mother: Gisla Goldhand
Issue: Unknown

Omithiel Strongbrow also known as Paragon Omithiel Strongbrow was the first Grand King of Urguan in Anthos and the Dwarven Paragon of Architecture. Omithiel is remembered for his long, prosperous reign during which Urguan won numerous wars and in which ancient Dwarven culture was rediscovered. The infrastructural reforms carried out by Omithiel were the most extensive in the history of the descendants, with several large cities being built, among them the cities of Vaerhaven, Brom'Ka, Kal'Halla, and most famously Kal'Azgoth. His influence spread far throughout time, giving birth to the city of Kal'Omith, a city built in his honour during Axios shortly before the Frostbeard Rebellion ended the Third Grand Kingdom Of Urguan. Omithiel's legendary building prowess earned him a rank among the Dwarven earthly divines. In dwarven culture, Omithiel represents the manifestation of honest work and diligence. His Paragonical Patron is Yemekar.


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