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Torvin 'The Dragon' Blackaxe, Grand King
"Dwarves should be on the ground and not in the sky. I be the only exception."

Grand King of Urguan
Reign: 1580 - 1591
Predecessor: Drynn Ireheart
Successor: Algoda Frostbeard
High King of Kaz'Ulrah
Reign: 1646-1657
Predecessor: Hamnil Frostbeard
Successor: Garrond Frostbeard
Born: 22nd of the First Seed, 1391
Spouse: Afilia Goldhand
Parents: Fimlin Grandaxe, Merila Grandaxe
Children: Tarub Grandaxe

Torvin Blackaxe is the son Fimlin Grandaxe and ruled as Grand King of Urguan after Drynn Ireheart before being removed by the senate for supposed lacking efforts in maintaining the Kingdom. He later became the 4th King of Kaz'Ulrah after Hamnil Frostbeard past the crown down to him.


Early life

Torvin Blackaxe was born as the son of Fimlin Grandaxe on the 22nd of the First Seed in 1391. From a young age he was taught the clan's culture by his father. He also started dealing with politics at a young age with his father as Grand King in Athera, helping his father with writing out documents etcetera. In his 30's he joined the army of the Dwarves as a beardling. He showed much promise to the officers and was given higher ranks in a short period. During the reign of Kardel Irongut he became a Centurion. He lead his small cohort into many dangerous missions that were assigned by his king and Grand Marshal, he also proved himself defending the city of Kal'Ishtul against many different creatures that were summoned by the Orc's spirit of disease. In Axios after the current Grand Marshal at the time goes missing, Drynn Ireheart appoints Torvin Blackaxe to be his Grand Marshal under his Kingship, where he lead the Legion until Drynn's abdication where he was elected Grand King due to no opposition. He appointed his half-brother, Svardin Grandaxe to be Grand Marshal in his place.


Grand King Torvin started off in a stable position, the Treaty of the Northern Union (The Northern Treaty) still intact. When The Holy Oren Empire sought to purge the orcs in the Invasion of Asul; Torvin sent his assistance. However this saddened Torvin, later when the Orcish refugees asked for shelter, he decided to give them a piece of land somewhere in the desert near the hold of Zahrer Irongrinder. Torvin tried everything to restore Yemekar's Balance, he helped them constructing a city and gave them supplies to arm them for if they had to defend themselves. A few years later a great and tactical dwarf, known as Belgor Ireheart, came back to the dwarven kingdom. He offered his service in the Legion and after a heavy discussion with him, Torvin's current marshal, they decided to make Belgor Ireheart the new Grand Marshal. Later with the Snow Elf conflict he decided that Oren's aggresive policy was getting out of control. He decided to aid the Grand Prince Aelthir Tundrak II unofficially by sending most of his force on their side, all of them disguised and masked. The Grandking and a few other legionnaires joined the side of the Holy Orenian Empire to make this look unsuspicious. However, even with the Grandking's aid, the Princedom of Fenn was defeated and their fortress was taken away. Later he gave the Grand Prince and his people a place to stay in the city of Kal'Nikaer.

Later with the death of Emperor John Owyn Horen and the ascension of Philip Frederick Horen to emperor his aggressive policy threatened the Northern Treaty and opened up into conflict over the Azaghol Incident, where the emperor threatened to invade the Dwarven desert. Torvin tried to maintain the peace, but in this he failed. A senate meeting was called to discuss immediate issues by Zahrer Irongrinder, although the outcome initially unintentional removed Grand King Torvin Blackaxe from the throne, with Frostbeard, Ireheart, and Doomforged backing and opposed by the Grandaxes. Following his removal Torvin entered self-exile for nearly a decade.

Urguan's War against the Kingdom of Norland

After remaining in self-exile in various different nations such as the Princedom of Fenn, The Kingdom of Norland and the Warnation of Krugmar. When the Grand Kingdom of Urguan declared war on the Kingdom of Norland , Torvin decided to return to the Kingdom of Norland to aid his group of old companions and friends. He fought in every battle, having to retreat all the way back to the Krag, the last fortress, Norland's only hope. He was tasked to lead a group of Norlandic warriors, holding the Urguan Legionnaires back. In the second battle for the Krag, Torvin was tasked to bomb the siege equipment of the Dwarven Kingdom. As the battle was going on, explosions could have been heard from all inside the Krag. Torvin returned to the krag, flying with a set of wings attached to his back. After the battle was won he was granted a position in Hakon's Chosen and given the title 'The Flaming Star'.

Reformation of Clan Blackaxe

After being reintroduced to the dwarven nation, Torvin saw the same mistakes being repeated over and over again by the King and the same government. He approached Wulfgar Blackaxe about this matter, both dwarves agreed on that the Kingdom needed change. Both senior dwarves had a meeting with the Clan Father Fimlin Grandaxe who is also Torvin's father. Fimlin completely disagreed on these matters, turning Wulfgar furious. With that, Torvin, Wulfgar and Astmar, reformed the old clan Blackaxe and joined the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah hoping to live new lives with systems they all approved off.

Hero of the Brathmordakin

During the War of the Beards Torvin was one of Kaz'Ulrah's senior officers. He was often out in the field with his own squad of elite warriors and seldom was seen around the capital of Jornheim. During the deciding battle in South Haense, Torvin and his bombardiers led an assault on the top of the Fort, raining fire down upon the unsuspecting humans and Urguanites. After this battle, the war came to a quick close and Torvin was granted the title 'Hero of the Brathmordakin' by High Prelate Thoak Goldhand. His nickname became 'The Dragon'.

High King of Kaz'Ulrah