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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

Kal Nikaer Map.jpg
Race: Dwarves
Affiliation: Grand Kingdom of Urguan
Location: Tahn (FT boat available)
Founded: 1570
Current ruler: Lord Regent Hogarth Irongut
  • Seneschal: Dagor Irongrinder
  • Primarch: Jorik Grandaxe
  • Yemekar's Pick: Gror Ireheart
  • High Prophet: Darid Tunnelsmasher
  • Master o'Mead: Tark Treebeard
  • Foreman General: Azkel Frostbeard
  • Grand Admiral: Mafraedon Starbreaker
  • High Remembrancer: Drynn Ireheart
  • Master Forger: Gloin Frostbeard
  • Grand Engineer: -

Kal'Nikaer is the past capital of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, located beneath the mountains of northern Tahn. It was a populous dwarven city, with numerous Elven denizens that arrived at a more recent time. It was founded by the Dwarves fleeing Vailor and arriving on the Isles of Axios. The city itself was built above a large system of caves, passages and ruins known as the Deeproads.


The Deeproads

The Deeproads were the vast system of caves and ruins underneath Kal'Nikaer and the surrounding mountains. Brave Dwarves explored the passages every now and then to salvage relics, resources or knowledge on their ancestors. The caverns had three distinguishable sub-regions explored so far:

  • The Mushroom Cavern: A large and open cavern filled with glowing mushrooms, populated by giant monsters and Ratiki before the arrival of Dwarves from Vailor. Remains of a forlorn camp and village with timber walls is still present within.
  • The Construct Grotto: A collosal cave of dark stone and lava. It was dotted with abandoned camps where the Dwarves fought animated armours and constructs. The middle section of the cave housed the shrine from where the Dwarves entered the ruins of a library and a Thanhium deposit.
  • Belka's Cavern: A smaller opening at the end of the hot chute next to the entrance to the construct grotto. The Dwarves spoke to a presumed voice of Belka within this cave.


Kal'Nikaer was directly governed by the government of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. The highest city authority was the Grand King, elected by the Senate of Hammers.

  • The Grand King of Urguan: The Grand King of Urguan had to approve any military, diplomatic or domestic decisions within the Grand Kingdom, and as such anything pertaining the Dwarven capital as well.
  • The Seneschal of the Court: The Senechal was responsible for enforcing the taxation within Kal'Nikaer, as well as ordering searches, evictions and court trials.
  • The Yemekar's Pick: The Pick presided over most guilds within the capital, and also handled most industrial projects, including the construction and extension of Kal'Nikaer.
  • The Primarch of the Army: The Primarch (or grand marshal) was the head of the Legion, which served as the guarding and police force of Kal'Nikaer.
  • The Foreman General: The Foreman executed the orders of the upper council and physically oversaw tax collection and construction in Kal'Nikaer'.
  • The Master o'Mead: The Minister oversaw the feasts, events and the general merriment that took place in Kal'Nikaer.
  • The Deputy of the State: The Deputy was the second-in-command to the Primarch within the Legion and watched over the prisons and barracks of Kal'Nikaer.
  • The Master of Integration: The Master handled unintegrated Dwarves and helped them delinate their ancestry to one of the great clans, along with providing general assistance in settling down within Kal'Nikaer.

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Kal'Nikaer housed six clan halls, dedicated to the six clans in the city.

  • The Irongrinder Clan


Kal'Nikaer was the capital of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, and as such Codex of Laws applied within its premises.


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Yemekar's Temple on the second level of Kal'Nikaer was the central Dwarven place of wordship to The Brathmordakin.