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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

Royal City of Alban
Capital city
Haense Arms.png
The Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Haense
Nicknames: Camp
Country: Kingdom of Haense
Founded: 15th of the Amber Cold, 1619 by Stephen I of Haense
King: Otto II of Haense
Governing body: The Aulic Council
Grand Mayor: Mayor John Burr of Alban
Population: 28,000
Previous Capital: St. Karlsburg
Language(s): Common, Raevir, Hansetian, High Imperial

A former capital of the Kingdom of Haense, Alban acted as the epicenter of administrative and diplomatic affairs of the kingdom, and was populated by Northerners of all descent. The city was the seat of the House of Barbanov, who resided in palace of Esenstadt in the westernmost district of the city. The city boasted among the most activity in all of Axios, as well as a popular tavern.



Built on a campsite inhabited originally by only King Stephen and his closest retainers, Alban evolved from the aptly-nicknamed "Camp" to become the most active site in Oren beginning 1618, and it was determined more structures would have to be built. Over the original campsite was built first a tavern and storage house, then true housing, a small chapel, shops and finally the Esenstadt palace. On the outskirts of the city sit the manors of the knights and titular lords and ladies of the King's court.

The city of Alban's construction finished late in the year of 1619 with the christening of Esenstadt, though the erection of noble manors would continue as Stephen's most loyal retainers were awarded with title and position.


The city was nestled at the southern base of the Greyspine mountains past the Alexandrine pass. To the north lay the Rothswood, site of the famous Second Battle of the Rothswood. Further south lay the Ivan's Spine mountains, home to the defensive fortification of Metterden. Within the city itself, the palace of Esenstadt towered over the comparatively short buildings of the rest of the city. Right in front of the main gate to the city were the tavern and chapel, behind them the main square. To the direct north of the city was a large farmland, used to feed the population of Alban.

Notable Figures of Alban

  • King Otto II, current King of Haense
  • Stephen I, Former King of Haense
  • Prince Heinrik Otto, Former Palatine of the Realm
  • Prince Robert Sigismund, Palatine of the Realm
  • Everard IV, High Pontiff of the Canon
  • Alessa Grendock, Baroness of Grendock
  • Sergius III Kovachev, Duke of Carnatia
  • Kristoff Stafyr, Viscount of Grauspin
  • John Burr, Grand Mayor of Alban
  • Anton "the Builder" Kyngeston, Lord Steward of the Realm
  • Cullen "the Stern" Valerin
  • Joren "the Marksman" Baruch, Castellan of Jorenstadt
  • Coltaine Wick, Patriarch of House Wick

Notable Buildings

  • The Esenstadt Palace, former seat of the House of Barbanov.
  • The Chapel of Saints Otto and Karl
  • The Dog and Crow Tavern and Inn

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