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Aleksandria was the capital city of the Kingdom of Courland, situated in the centre of the Isles of Asul. It was the seat of House of Staunton, and was a city famed for its mercantile prowess and aesthetic beauty. It was constructed in 1596, following the reformation of the Kingdom of Courland and the fall of the Holy Orenian Empire. The Royal family and high ranking courtiers resided in the Palace of Curonberg, connected to the head of the city.

The city is named in tribute to the late Alexander Staunton, as an honour to his memory and legacy.


The city of Aleksandria was founded and constructed in 1598 a few years after the collapse of the end of the Orenian Empire. It was built largely by soldiers and designed by specialised architects such as Spiffy Luber. The city is inspired by Riga, the port side city of Courland during Vailor, capital of the Northern part of the Holy Orenian Empire.


The city could be found on the fields of Asul on the site of the dreadlands next to the Blue Lake. The city was very narrow and stretched across the dense jungles of Asul. On the edge of the city was a farm run by the bread company which could be used by anyone for farming purposes free of charge. Towards the west was the head of the city and the Palace. King’s lane was a path which held the homes of the nobility. The palace towered above the city and all the royal family resided within the walls.

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