House of Colborn

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House of Colborn
Country: Haense
Parent House: House of Clarke
Erochland.png Duke of Erochland
Metterden.png Count of Metterden
Carrenhall.png Baron of Carrenhall
Carrendall.png Baron of Carrendall
Slesvig.png Baron of Slesvig
CastleGraywater.png Lord of Castle Graywater
Osgostadt.png Lord of Osgostadt
Carr Colborn
Current Head:
Adrian Colborn
Ethnicity: Highlander
Cadet Branches:
Decaden.png House of Decaden
Colborn Standard

The House of Colborn (Common: Colborn; New Marian: Colborn; High Imperial: Natus ex frigore; Scyfian: Colborn) is a noble family with no current landed titles, although still a respected name inside the Kingdom of Haense.