War:The Anarchy

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The Anarchy
Date: 1556-1570
Location: Oren
Result: Imperial Victory
*Exile of the Rurikids and Fall of Avar
*Diminishment of the House of Staunton and their influence
*Raevir loyal to Hetman Sveneld exiled
*John Owyn becomes Holy Orenian Emperor
Imperial-Aligned Forces:
imperialorenia.png Holy Orenian Empire
IMG 3182.PNG Duchy of Courland (Third Rurikid Uprising)
Kovachev Arms.png Duchy of Carnatia
SavoyCoatOfArms.png Principality of Savoy
DuchyOfIstriaCoatOfArms.png Duchy of Istria
LorraineSavoy Arms.png Archduchy of Lorraine and Kaedrin
Krajia 3.png Hetmanate of Krajia (Third Rurikid Uprising and Riga War)
vanirCoA.png Barony of Kraken's Watch
Anti-Imperial Forces:
norland.png Avarite natives
Krajia 3.png Hetmanate of Krajia (Krajian Rebellion)

IMG 3182.PNG Duchy of Courland (Riga War)
Dunamis mercenaries

Commanders and leaders
Imperial-Aligned Forces:
imperialorenia.png John II, Holy Orenian Emperor
imperialorenia.png John III, Holy Orenian Emperor
Ser Drevin de Sarkozy
Kovachev Arms.png Duke John of Carnatia
IMG 3182.PNG Duke Alexander of Courland
Prince Charles Philip, Viscount of Balain
Nauzica.png Ser Vitallius de Capua

Krajia 3.png Hetman Sveneld of Krajia

Anti-Imperial Forces:
norland.png Sven Ruric
norland.png Thomas Ruric
Krajia 3.png Hetman Sveneld of Krajia
Prince Denis of the Dunamis
IMG 3182.PNG Duke Alexander of Courland

The Anarchy between 1556 and 1570 was a set of civil wars and conflict within the Holy Orenian Empire which occurred during the majority of John Sigismund's reign as Holy Orenian Emperor. The overarching conflict stemmed from the emperor's marked insanity and blundering with his powerful vassals, which allowed for inter-vassal rivalries and feuds to flourish and lords to feel disenfranchised with the Imperial state as a whole. It is also seen as a direct result of the Eighteen Years' War mere years prior, which drained critical manpower and saw a decrease in the authority of the Imperial crown after the death in battle of John I.

Containing numerous conflicts, political upheavals, and general unrest, the Anarchy is typically divided into three overarching events: the Third Rurikid Uprising, the Riga War, and the Krajian Rebellion.