Alexander I, King of Courland

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Alexander I
King of Courland
Reign: 1550-1564
Predecessor: Andrew
Successor: Percival II
Born: 8th of the Amber Cold, 1523
Riga, Courland, Oren
Died: 1st of the Suns Smile, 1596
Ostwick, Lorraine
Spouse: Princess Philippa Maria of Alstion
House: Staunton
Father: Duke Richard of Courland
Mother: Natalie Barbanov

Alexander Tobias Staunton (8th of the Amber Cold, 1523 – 1st of the Suns Smile, 1595), was an Imperial noble, statesman, and general serving as Duke of Courland from 1550 to 1564, succeeding his brother Duke Andrew, and briefly the King of Courland from 1561 until 1564.

Alexander came to power through a successful overthrow of his brother, Duke Andrew, in 1550, his charismatic sway with the lesser nobility and gentry within their own duchy winning both funds from the burgher class and an army sworn to his banner. Althoug able to rally a large majority of his brother's soldiers and lords to his side, it was not until he gained the support of his father that Alexander was able to ascend the Ducal throne. After Anden gave the keep of Kraken's Watch to House Vanir, taking it away from House Palialogos, Duke Richard recognised his newly returned eldest son, Alexander, as his rightful son and heir, rather than Anden. Distraught and dismayed, Duke Andrew committed suicide (Believing all those once with him had betrayed him) and leaving Alexander to inherit.

A third generation noble from a recently-lifted family with many rivals in the older noble strata, Alexander enjoyed a turbulent relationship at best with his liege and later brother-in-law Emperor John II and aggressive exchanges with the Raevo-Hansetian lords Duke John of Carnatia, Ser Petyr Barbanov and his original vassal Baron Britannus of Kraken's Watch. Despite striking a victory at the Battle of Dogger Bay during the Third Rurikid Uprising when serving as High Admiral, his overall ambitions and actions came under heavy scrutiny within the Imperial State, namely for his deeds against his sibling which enjoyed favor from the Emperor himself.

Alexander is most famously known for his actions in the Riga War, flaring up the conflict in full swing with his controversial move in revoking Lord Britannus's title in the Storming of Kraken's Watch. He led an ultimately futile war effort against the accumulated Carnatian League (A group of nobles sworn to return the Lord Vanir's castle and lands to him), and when the Emperor refused to give Imperial-aid to Alexander (As the Emperor deemed the war just in the Second Diet of Saltstone in 1559), he turned to the Orenian dissenters, namely the former Rurikid rebels he defeated years before and the professional mercenaries under lead of Prince Denis, for assistance. After his victory at the Battle of Westmark with his new-found allies, the Imperial State effectively declared Alexander an enemy of the state and his titles null.

Months soon after, Alexander faced the same insubordination his brother had years before, and he was effectively removed from power in the Riga Coup in favor for his firstborn son, Lord Percival Staunton as Duke Percival II, who ruled under regency of the lords of the Carnatian League in the Treaty of Ambrosa.

Alexander himself was sent into exile, reemerging briefly to aid his son in regrouping Courlandic loyalists to fight the Empire in Tobias Staunton's successful attempt to overthrow the Empire.


Early life

Aleksander Tobias Staunton was born to Lord Richard Staunton and his wife Natalie Barbanov in 1523 at the end of the Dukes' War and during his paternal grandfather's rule as Count of Westmark. He was named in honor of his mother's grandfather, the former Emperor Alexander, and her great-grandfather, Emperor Tobias.

Ascent and Rule as Duke of Courland

Aleksander ascended to the Ducal throne in 1550, following the suicide of his younger brother, Anden. He was poised with the Vanir issue, the family which the house of Staunton had the longest on going feud with. Anden, in spite, handed the Palaiologos stronghold of Krakens Watch to the House of Vanir, who were no friend to Aleksander. To ease tensions, House Staunton and House Vanir called the first diet of Saltstone, to ensure that peace and stability for the sake of the Empire would mean that this feud could be buried. Aleksander successfully governed the Duchy of Courland, encompassing the County of Curon, Westmark & Saltstone, maintaining a large and well equipped military force for the duration of his reign, forming the backbone of the Orenian military. For his service to the Empire, the Emperor, John Horen, married off his sister to the Duke of Courland, Phillipa Horen. To commemorate the union, the Staunton family had a grand mina flagship, HGS Princess Philippa constructed. Together they had five children, Sven Staunton (Later Sven Hearth), Percival Staunton, Tobias Staunton, Frederick Staunton (Later Staunton-Baden) & Madelyn Staunton (Later Hearth). Aleksander lead the fleet at the battle of Doggers Bay to recapture the Ruric land to place it once more under Imperial Control.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Duke Percival II of Courland 19th of the First Seed, 1557 1571 Unwed Succeeded his father as Duke of Courland following the Riga Coup, ruled under regency by Baron Britannus of Kraken's Watch and Duke John of Carnatia for most of his life.
Sven Staunton 2nd of the Grand Harvest, 1558 Dead Renee Marchand Also known as Sven Hearth, he was one of the Stauntons to return to Oren under the reign of John II.
Tobias the Conqueror 1st of the Suns Smile, 1559 12th of the Grand Harvest, 1608 Lisette de Aryn The second King of Courland and was the leader of the Eagle's Rebellion.
Frederick Staunton-Baden 1st of the Suns Smile, 1559 9th of Malin's Welcome, 1617 Amina Kharadeen The Former Arch-Chancellor of Courland, Count of Trier.
Madelyn Staunton 23rd of the Deep Cold, 1560 Unknown Unwed Missing, presumed dead.