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Peter I
petyr 2.jpg
King of Hanseti-Ruska
Reign: 14 Grand Harvest 1578 - 4 Deep Cold 1582
Coronation: 16 Grand Harvest 1578
Ottosgrad, St. Karlsburg
Predecessor: Title Created
John III, Holy Orenian Emperor (As Holy Orenian Emperor)
Successor: Andrew II
Palatine(s): Ser Rickard Barrow
Born: 23 First Seed 1522
Nova Horas, Aeldin
Died: 4 Deep Cold 1582 (aged 60)
Johannesburg, Oren
Spouse: Elizabeth of Metterden
Issue: Andrew II, King of Haense
Princess Julia of Haense
Prince Charles, Count of Bihar
Heinrik Petrovic
Princess Tatiana of Haense
House: Barbanov
Father: Duke Siguine of Carnatia
Mother: Kamila Vladov

Petyr Sigmarovic, known as Peter I of Hanseti and Ruska (Common: Peter Siguine; High Imperial: Petrus Siguinius; New Marian: Petyr Sigmarovar) was the first king of the Kingdom of Haense and the first to establish the Barbanov dynasty. Born to the rebel lord Siguine of Haense and his wife Kamila Vladov, Peter was one of the last remaining members of the Tuvic branch of Carrion and of Karl Barbanov's line.

Majority of Peter's life was consumed with his family's flight to Aeldin (Where he was born in 1522) and attempting to return to Oren. Despite the amnesty given to the Adrian lords following the Horen Restoration and the accession of John I to the Imperial Throne, Petyr's family was forbidden from returning, and did not do so till the reign of John I's son, John II. After such, Petyr served in numerous wars including the Third Rurikid Uprising and most notably the Riga War, where he took a leading role. Through his influence, he was able to take Duke John of Carnatia's inheritance and become Duke instead of his children.

Petyr successfully took the majority of the northern lands under his banner, and after giving pressure to John III, Holy Orenian Emperor, was given the royal coronet as king of both Hanseti and Ruska.


Life & Reign

Petyr Sigmovic Barbanov was born to Siguine Barbanov (Formerly Duke Siguine before the time of Petyr's birth) and Kamila Vladov, of the warrior-clan House of Vladov. While being raised in exile after the Sacking of Brelus he did not remain outside the Orenian lands for long as within a deal made between Otto Sarkozic and the Emperor, Petyr was able to return to Oren. Upon his return, he lived in the rump state of the Duchy of Carnatia, where he would compromise a sizable chunk of his family's former holding of the Duchy of Haense.

During the time of the Eighteen Years' War, he would serve as a cadet under Josef Vladov before he'd later join under Jan Kovachev, where he would fight in numerous battles. Once the Peace of Avar came he returned back to Carnatia, to which he'd partake in regional politics that was later known as the Northern Question. One of his first supporters named, Lord Britannus Vanir after the disposition by the rival heartlander, Duke of Courland, which would result in the kickstart of the Riga War. It was this war where he was able to prove himself by successfully commanding numerous battles with the most famous commanders being Fiske Vanir, Jan Kovachev, and Rickard Barrow.

In the year 1578, he would later be bestowed to be the first Barbanov King of Hanseti and Ruska by Emperor John III due to his major supporters and influence in the realm of Oren. Under his rule, he would create countless cities and forts in his lands as the population in Haense began to soar. To which he'd establish a strong military that'd become one of the Empires largest military forces in Oren though his reign would only last for four years as he would pass away due to old age in 1582.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
King Andrik II of Haense 11th of Sun's Smile, 1561 2nd of the Deep Cold, 1586 Reza Elizaveta of Turov Successor of Peter, executed in Johannesburg after the Deep Cold Uprising.
Juliya Katherine Barbanov, Princess Royal of Haense 17th of the Amber Cold, 1564 7th of the Deep Cold, 1616 Charles Martin of Wett Firstborn daughter of Elizabeth and Peter. Went missing after 1590, and believed dead in the 1610s.
Prince Karl Siguine, Count of Bihar 15th of the Deep Cold, 1562 12th of the Amber Cold, 1593 Maria of Mondstadt Regent for his nephew King Marius, killed at the Battle of the Gorge.
Heinrik Petyr Barbanov, Prince of Haense 17th of the Deep Cold, 1562 6th of the Grand Harvest, 1568 Unwed Born two days after his brother, Prince Karl, with major complications. Died at the age of 6.
Tatiana Aleksandra Barbanov, Princess of Haense 10th of the Grand Harvest, 1567 4th of the First Seed, 1648 Marquis Brandon of Vasiland
Viktor Kovachev
Widow of Lord Branimar Vanir, remarried to Lord Viktor Kovachev.