Vitallius de Capua

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His Excellency
Vitallius de Capua
Grand Knight of Oren
Tenure: 1585-1595
Predecessor: Ser Ulric von Aesterwald
Successor: Position abolished
Born: 17th of the Grand Harvest, 1539, Laria, Oren
Died: 12th of the Amber Cold, 1596, Oren
Spouse: (1) Madeleine Barrow
(2) Farah Harwyn
House: de Capua
Father: Philip Augustus de Capua
Military Service
Allegiance: imperialorenia.png Holy Orenian Empire
Rank: Colonel
Unit(s): Nauzica.png Nauzica Brigade
2nd Larian Infantry Regiment
Battles/Wars: Third Rurikid Uprising
Krajian Rebellion
This is my land and I'm calling the shots. Vitallius de Capua to agents of the Gold Corps

Lord Vitallius de Capua (17th of the Grand Harvest, 1539 – 12th of the Amber Cold, 1596), sometimes called the Last of the Istriots, was the Count of Lewes and a direct vassal and adviser to his distant cousin, John III. Prior to this, he served his father, John II, fighting in all Rurikid uprisings as a member of the prestigious Imperial Nauzica Brigade.

He is the posthumous son of Philip Augustus de Capua, and was hence one of the last living patrilineal descendants of Titus de Sola.


Born as the bastard son of Philip Augustus, Count of Laria three days after his father's death by the hands of Rendon Vimmark during the Saltstone Affair, Vitallius was reared unto the life of military. As an adolescent, he served in the Nauzica Brigade under Emperor John II during The Anarchy, growing to fame for his feats in battle against human rebels and the Dunamis mercenaries. His service in the Third Rurikid Uprising at the Battle of Dogger Bay saw him elevated to knighthood as the Knight of Dyffra.

Vitallius' favor with the Emperor increased immensely through his reign, rising through the noble ranks as first Baron of Castern, and eventually Count of Lewes. He also served as the Emperor's personal Gamemaster, overseeing a good majority of the Holy Orenian Empire's tournies and events. During his service, he eventually married Madeleine Barrow, niece of Duke Stephen of Carnatia, and had a single son with her: Philip Augustus de Capua, named for his father. The Emperor also gave him command of his own brigade, the self-titled "Larian Brigade", which he successfully led in The Anarchy and multiple battles abroad.

When Emperor John III came to the throne after his father's abdication due to his decreasing mental faculties, Vitallius continued to serve within the Empire. He served as the Imperial Gamemaster off and on throughout the emperor's reign, and married again after the death of his wife: a woman named Farah Harwyn, sister to fellow knight Ser Edywn Harwyn of the Nauzica Brigade. She would give him two more sons, Othmar and John Frederick de Capua.

Despite his favor with both Emperors John II and John III, he did not share the same with the Prince John Augustus, the eventual Emperor John IV. When Vitallius nearly killed the ideologist Bell Sano within Johannesburg, the then Prince of Alstion quickly had Vitallius stripped of his rank. Vitallius attempted to petition such to John Augustus' father, but failed to do so after his subsequent assassination. With his favor with the Imperial Throne gone, he fled the Oren mainland with his current whereabouts unknown.

Upon Emperor Philip I's rise to the throne, Vitallius was installed as Grand Knight, a title he would hold until the destruction of the Empire.

He was succeeded by his firstborn Philip Augustus de Capua, who took upon the title Count of Lewes and Count of Roard.