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Dukes' War


Date: 1518 - 1521
Place: Oren
Result: Pro-Ashford victory
  • Duke Hughes Sarkozic assassinated
  • The Ducal Coalition disbanded and majority of
    the members executed
  • Oren is destabilized
  • Guy de Bar elected King of Oren.
SavoyCoatOfArms.png Kingdom of Oren
SavoyCoatOfArms.png Duchy of Savoy
DominionSeal.png Principality of Laureh'lin
HighElvenCoatofArms.png Sohaerate of Haelunor
Kharadeen Arms.png Caliphate of Khalestine
RhodesianCross.png Order of Saint Lucien (from 1520)
sarkozic.png Duchy of Adria
Barbanov.png Duchy of Haense
VanirCoatOfArms.png Duchy of Vanaheim
SavoyCoatOfArms.png King Olivier I of Oren
SavoyCoatOfArms.png Guy I, Marquis of Drusco
SavoyCoatOfArms.png Leufroy de Savoie
StauntonCoatOfArms.png Percival, Count of Westmark
DuchyOfIstriaCoatOfArms.png Titus, Baron of Dour Watch
d'AmauryCoA.png Augustus d'Amaury
DominionSeal.png Tristin Tresery
Kharadeen Arms.png Caliph Faiz Kharadeen
RhodesianCross.png Baudric Rovin
sarkozic.png Hugh, Duke of Adria † (until 1519)
sarkozic.png Francis, Duke of Adria † (from 1519)
Barbanov.png Siguine, Duke of Haense
VanirCoatOfArms.png Vasili, Duke of Vanaheim
Othaman.png Tarcell, Count of Valles †
Vladov.png Kazimir, Baron of Barrowyk

The War of the Ducal Coalition against the Rule of King Olivier de Savoie, or, as it is more commonly known, The Dukes' War (High Imperial: Bellum Ducum), and also occasionally called The Brothers' War (High Imperial: Bellum Fratrum) by Orenian nationalists, was a Human conflict in Vailor that lasted from 1518 to 1521, involving:

  • The Ducal Coalition (High Imperial: Societas Ducale), initially led by Duke Hugues Sarkozic of Adria until his assassination in the Cathedral of St Lothar in Brelus. It is was then led by Lord Paramount Siguine Barbanov, and finally by Franz Sarkozic. The coalition consisted of:
    • The Duchy of Adria.
    • The Duchy of Vanaheim.
    • The Duchy of Haense.
  • The Reformed Kingdom of Oren (High Imperial: Regnum Reformatus Oreniae) and its dependent territories, ruled by King Olivier de Savoie.
    • The Order of St Amyas.
    • The Barony of Dour Watch.

The war was characterized by dramatic escalation from a feud between Houses to a nation-wide war, seeing even the Iron Uzg and the Elven territories involve themselves. It was also characterized by its clear causes and unsatisfied ultimatums, as well as the questionable degree to which the Church of the Canon is seen to have maintained neutrality. The war also resulted in Oren's release of its Elven territories - negotiated in exchange for the support of foreign regiments.

Major confrontations


  • In Athera:
    • Oren triumphs in its wars against the Elves, subjugating the three Elven nations. Duke Olivier de Savoie is crowned by Bishop Kristoff of Leuvaarden.
  • 1516:
    • Xavier de Sola, a legitimized bastard of Vibius de Sola, is brought to Adria upon charges of consorting with a frost witch.
    • The Massacre of Wett, also known as the Redmark Massacre, sees the trial of Xavier de Sola explode into a slaughter of Adrian officials at the hands of House de Sola. The priest Edmond de Montfort escapes the bloodbath (despite being stabbed through the neck and left to bleed out), publicly reporting the tragedy to the Crown and the Church.
  • 1517:
    • The Ultimatum of Redmark is issued to the Crown, demanding royal justice be dealt to the perpetrators of the massacre.
    • Xavier de Sola is excommunicated by High Pontiff Sixtus III.
    • The following week, Xavier de Sola is cast out of Dour Watch by Lord Titus and delegitimized.
    • King Olivier summons Titus de Sola for trial, but removes several prominent Adrians from the privy council.
    • The Crown withholds an immediate response, declaring an indefinite cessation of hostilities between Houses Vladov and de Sola. Tensions boil.
    • King Olivier de Savoie deems the conflict an intranational one, beyond his responsibility, to be fought only between the two Houses.
  • 1518:
    • The Ducal Coalition, headed by the Lord Paramount Hugues Sarkozic, enters into rebellion against the Crown, which is perceived to be indolent.
    • High Pontiff Sixtus III and the Lord Justiciar of Oren, Adam de Gleveisen, are assassinated in Felsen. It is speculated that this was a reaction to rumours that Sixtus III was partial to the Adrian cause and intended to crown Hugues Sarkozic.
    • Castor Chivay issues an ultimatum to the Crown demanding all holdings of House Chivay and the establishment of a 'Kaedrini Dominion'. He is soon murdered in the king's court.
    • Augustus d'Amaury is stabbed by Tarcell Othaman and his men at Dour Watch in a betrayal.
  • 1519:
    • Cordal of Herendul is appointed as High Pontiff of the Canonist Faith, taking the name Daniel II.
    • Skirmishes occur in the region between Brelus and Peremont.
    • Lord Paramount Hugues Sarkozic is assassinated and decapitated within the Cathedral of St Lothar in Brelus.
    • Siguine Barbanov is elected Lord Paramount of the Ducal Coalition.
    • The Iron Uzg, unbelievably led by the wood elf, Rex Phaedrus'Yar, issues a threat to King Olivier de Savoie, demanding that the Order of St Amyas (a core force loyalist force in the civil war) be sent on crusade, lest the Iron Uzg engage in war against Oren.
    • The Rex is countered with a challenge of a duel to the death from the Holy Ser Atalf Benard.
  • 1520:
    • The excommunication of Xavier de Sola is lifted by High Pontiff Daniel II.
    • The Holy Ser Atalf Benard is slain by Rex Phaedrus'Yar in single combat, meaning the Uruk ultimatum still stands. The Rex decides, however, that it will be after the civil war's conclusion. He also offers to fight personally alongside Loyalist forces, alone, and does so.
    • A large army of Khalestinians lead by Caliph Faiz Kharadeen and a squad of monks arrives at Peremont, nearly doubling the Loyalists' numbers. Before battle ensues, the monks revealed themselves to be a band of Lucienists, and went on to bless the various units of the Loyalist army.
    • Loyalist forces triumph in the Battle of the Blackwald under the command of Augustus d'Amaury
    • Adrian and St Amyas forces clash within the forests east of Peremont.
  • 1521:
    • Lord Marshal Augustus d'Amaury leads the charge upon the Vladovs' home fortress. The Siege of Barrowyk concludes on the 13th of the Grand Harvest, seeing its Adrian defenders slaughtered by Loyalist forces.
    • Siguine Barbanov abandons the cause. Franz Sarkozic takes leadership in anticipation of negotiations.
    • Franz Sarkozic signs the terms of surrender. Its leaders are sentenced to execution.
    • The city of Brelus is sacked, its great cathedral engulfed in flame amidst the chaos.
    • Augustus d'Amaury is rewarded with the Duchy of Adria for his key role in crushing the rebellion.