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King of Oren
Reign: 1523-1526
Coronation: 17th of the Grand Harvest, 1524
Predecessor: Olivier
Successor: John I (As Holy Orenian Emperor)
Chancellors: Adrian de Bar
Lord Chancellor
In Office: 1500-1523
Monarch: Olivier
Preceded by: Olivier, Duke of Savoy
Succeeded by: Lord Adrian de Bar
Born: 3rd of the Sun's Smile, 1483, Adrianople, Junavos, Oren
Died: 10th of the Grand Harvest, 1526 (aged 43), Praha Palace, Felsen
Jeanette Stafyr
Emelie de Sola
House: de Bar
Father: Richard de Bar
Mother: Ipera Carrion

Guy de Bar, known regally as Guy I of Oren, (3rd of the Sun's Smile, 1483 – 10th of the Grand Harvest, 1526) was the King of Oren as the third and final monarch of the Reformed Kingdom and the last of the Savoyard rulers of Oren from 1523 until his assassination in 1526.

Famed for his patriotic actions as the chancellor of the Kingdom of Oren under his kingly cousin, Olivier de Savoie, Guy de Bar was notorious for his prowess in both politics and upon the battlefield, including in the various conflicts with the nonhuman states as well as during the Duke's War. When the king's dementia rendered him incapable, it was Lord Chancellor Guy de Bar who acted as his regent, later being elected his successor upon his death. However, having inherited a broken and fractious post-civil war Oren, his inability to mend humanity's various societal schisms as well as his generally bellicose demeanor led to his assassination by scheming Imperial patriots (Including his own father-in-law, Titus de Sola) in 1526. After his death, the nobility hailed John Frederick as their ruler in the Horen Restoration, leading to a restoration of the Horen dynasty overthrown a century earlier as well as a recreation of the Holy Orenian Empire.





Name Birth Death Marriage
Edmond de Bar 1498 1517 Unwed Firstborn child of Guy and Jenette. Prince of Oren.
Sergius de Bar 1501 1526 Unwed Secondborn child of Guy and Jenette. Prince of Oren.
Annabelle de Bar, Archduchess consort of Lorraine-Kaedrin 1501 1526 Augustus d'Amaury, Archduke of Lorraine-Kaedrin Thirdborn child of Guy and Jenette. Princess of Oren.
Joachim de Bar 1503 1550 Marguerite-Élisabeth Anion Fourthborn child of Guy and Jenette. Prince of Oren.
Ferdinand de Bar 1525 1526 Élisabeth Georgine Anion Firstborn child of Guy, and Emelie de Sola.