Titus de Sola

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Duke of Istria
Reign: 1521-1530
Predecessor: Position established
Successor: Guile
Born: 5th of the Sun's Smile, 1462
Kaledonia, Oren
Died: 11th of the Amber Cold, 1538 (aged 76)
Dour Watch, Istria, Oren
Gloria de Savoie
Lucienne de Bar
House: de Sola
Father: Vibius de Sola
Mother: Catherine Horen
I can't believe this story about frost witches you're telling me. It's macabre.
- Titus de Sola at the Massacre of Wett

Titus de Sola (5th of the Sun's Smile, 1462 – 11th of the Amber Cold, 1538), called the Bloody Baron, was the first Duke of Istria from 1521 until his abdication to his nephew, Guile de Sola, in 1530. Prior to his elevation to the dukedom, he served as baron and later margrave of the castle of Dour Watch, as well as Lord Justiciar to the kings Olivier de Savoie and Guy de Bar, and later a prominent counsellor to his nephew and son-in-law John I. He is infamous for his military prowess and charisma, his role in the Massacre of Wett and as a loyalist general in the Duke's War, as well as his position as the Orenian kingmaker of the first half of the 16th century.

He was the son of the famed military dictator, Vibius de Sola, and his wife Catherine Horen. An anonymous scholar once wrote that 'he was half the man his father was, but twice the nobleman'. His right-hand was his bastard brother, Xavier de Sola.




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