Battle of the Blackwald

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Battle of the Blackwald
Part of the Dukes' War


Date: 1520
Place: Blackwald, Adria
Result: Pro-Ashford victory
Followed by: Siege of Barrowyk
SavoyCoatOfArms.png Kingdom of Oren
DominionSeal.png Principality of Laureh'lin
HighElvenCoatofArms.png Sohaerate of Haelunor
Kharadeen Arms.png Caliphate of Khalestine
sarkozic.png Barbanov.png Duchy of Adria and Haense
VanirCoatOfArms.png Duchy of Vanaheim
SavoyCoatOfArms.png Olivier I
SavoyCoatOfArms.png Marquis of Drusco
SavoyCoatOfArms.png Leufroy de Savoie
d'AmauryCoA.png Augustus d'Amaury
StauntonCoatOfArms.png Count of Westmark
DuchyOfIstriaCoatOfArms.png Baron of Dour Watch
DominionSeal.png Tristin, Prince of Malinor
Kharadeen Arms.png Caliph Faiz Kharadeen
sarkozic.png Barbanov.png Siguine, Duke of Adria and Haense
Vladov.png Kazimir, Baron of Barrowyk
VanirCoatOfArms.png Vasili, Duke of Vanaheim
~19,000 Infantry
~2,000 Cavalry
~1,000 Archers
~14,700 Infantry
~1,000 Cavalry
~1,000 Archers
~7,000 dead or wounded~8,000 dead or wounded


After the assassination of Duke Hughes in the Cathedral of St Lothar in Brelus, Oren would face many skirmishes from the Adrians mostly led by the newly crowned Duke of Adria, Siguine Barbanov, and with this, the heart of the Adrians would then be almost too fierce for the Ashford forces as many of the skirmishes was an Adrian victory. Though despite the recent loses Augustus d'Amaury would then get permission to lead an assault south towards the Adrians hopefully to end the rebellion. As Siguine Barbanov hears the news of the assault he'd then begin to send almost all of his forces rallied to meet Augustus on the field.


A few miles east of Peremont a forest will be located with small hills and many trees beside the road, the Ashford army led by Augustus would come to a stop getting in formation preparing for battle as they are met with a large army from the Duchy of Adria and its allies. As both armies slowly began to march, Augustus would send more than half of his archers supported by some infantry to circle the Adrian army from their left flank on top of the hill before the march began. While the Adrians made its way close to the hill the Ashford archers would begin to reveal themselves laying fire of arrows and bolts towards the Adrian army. Siguine would then quickly command his infantry for a shield wall returning fire towards the Ashford army routing the archers back to the main line.

As Siguines' quick thinking became a success they would continue to march a little bit further before Augustus commanded a cavalry charge with him leading it. The Adrians would then counter their cavalry with their own clashing one another. While the battle raged on Siguine would quickly send half of his infantry forward to assist the slaughter of the Ashford calvary hopefully to kill or capture Augustus, though while the clash between the two armies slowly became closer to an end King Oliver would command the main bulk of his army for a full charge supported by the Marquis of Drusco, Guy de Bar. Kazimir Vladov seeing this would command a volley of bolts and arrows down at the fresh Ashford infantry force doing only little damage before Siguine would be forced to command a full charge.

Once both sides committed Titus de Sola who was commanding some of the infantry force to circle the Adrians would come up from behind the Adrian flanks routing the Adrian army to a full retreat back to Brelus.


The Ashford victory would be a mere turning point in the Dukes' War as a few of its followers began to abandon their post. Though due to Augustus d'Amaury's great leadership within the ranks of Ashford he would be promoted to Lord Marshal of Oren thusly he would then begin his campaign against the Vladovs' home, Barrowyk.