Battle of the Curon Forest

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Battle of the Curon Forest
Part of the Riga War
Battle of the Curon Forest, 1561
Date: 14th of Malin's Welcome, 1561
Location: Curon Forest, Courland, Oren
Result: League Victory
Preceded by: Storming of Kraken's Watch
Followed by: Siege of Kraken's Watch
The Carnatian League:
Kovachev Arms.png Duchy of Carnatia
Krajia 3.png Hetmanate of Krajia
vanirCoA.png Retinue of Kraken's Watch
Duchy of Courland:
IMG 3182.PNG Duchy of Courland
White Cross mercenaries
Commanders and leaders
The Carnatian League:
vanirCoA.png Lord Paramount Fiske Vanir
Kovachev Arms.png Duke John of Carnatia
Krajia 3.png Hetman Sveneld of Krajia
vanirCoA.png Lord Britannus Vanir
Barbanov.png Ser Peter Barbanov
Duchy of Courland:
IMG 3182.PNG Duke Alexander of Courland
Ser Ulric von Aesterwald
FournierSigil.png Ser Aymar Fournier
The Carnatian League:
4200 men
Duchy of Courland:
4700 men
The Carnatian League:
~1200 dead
Duchy of Courland:
~2000 dead

The Battle of the Curon Forest of 1561 was the first open field battle of the Riga War, where the forces of the Carnatian League, under the command of Lord Paramount Fiske Vanir and Duke John of Carnatia engaged in combat with the Courlander forces of Duke Alexander of Courland. Ser Ulric von Aesterwald commanded the White Cross presence at the battle, as part of a contract with the Duchy of Courland. The battle would be the first of the Imperial conflict, and the result would determine the course of the rest of the war.


The Storming of Kraken's Watch was seen by many as a great act of injustice by Duke Alexander. Many, including Duke John of Carnatia, felt the need to assist in the restoration of Kraken's Watch to the House of Vanir. Following his acceptance of Lord Britannus and his family to his court, he worked in unison with Lord Britannus to form the Carnatian League. The League, consisting of the forces of the Duchy of Carnatia, the Hetmanate of Krajia, as well as the surviving retinue of Kraken's Watch, had officially attained permission from Emperor John II for an internal conflict against the Duchy of Courland, much to the dismay of Duke Alexander. After raising their banners, the two forces met in the Curon Forest.


Lord Fiske Vanir had been elected as Lord Paramount of the League, and took command of the League's forces. The battle commenced with the Courlander host moving northwest from upon entering the forest. A storm from the previous night had left the forest muddied and wet, causing the Courlander army to entrench on a small hillside, preparing to use their vast reserves of alchemist’s fire to halt the League's advance. While this was happening, the Courlander scouts under Ser Lancefeld were caught out by Hetman Sveneld and the Krajian cossacks, and wholly routed off of the battlefield. With the Courlander force now blinded and lacking cavalry, Lord Barbanov moved his vanguard deeper into the forest to meet with the Staunton main line.

The League's archers, under the command of the Lord Paramount himself, released multiple volleys into the Courlander main line, scattering many to take cover in the trees whilst Lord Barbanov advanced with infantry on the Courlander left. Ser Ulric sent reinforcements to bolster the line, with the eager recruits advancing off of the advantageous hillside and being routed away from the main line with many killed or wounded. Barbanov quickly sent in his reserves, and the Staunton left began to crumble with the Nikaen foot knights and Ser Palaiologos himself retreating from the fight. The Krajian cossacks returned from chasing down the remains of the right, and were quickly moving to encircle the Staunton line. Ser Ulric ordered the retreat from the hill and the remaining Courlander companies were able to fall back in good order to Kraken's Watch.


The League's victory in the Curon Forest brought down public opinion for the war within Riga. Enthusiasm dropped drastically, and many within Courlander leadership began to blame the loss on Emperor John II. Anti-Imperial movements were born, though remained quiet and hidden for the time being. The victorious Carnatian League would march on, towards the keep of Kraken's Watch to siege it.