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His Excellency
Adrian Rothesay
Imperial Archchancellor
Tenure: 1529-1541
Predecessor: Lord Publius Bracchus
Successor: Augustus, Archduke of Lorraine
Tenure: 1547-1559
Predecessor: Augustus, Archduke of Lorraine
Successor: Stephen, Prince d'Beaufort
Born: 19th of the Grand Harvest, 1506
Petrus, Oren
Died: 16th of Malin's Welcome, 1595
Johannesburg, Oren (aged 89)
(1) Catherine Chivay
(2) Eleanor d'Amaury
House: Horen-Rothesay
Father: Godfrey, Duke of Petrus
Mother: Alice of Werdenburg

Adrian Rothesay (19th of the Grand Harvest, 1506 – 16th of Malin's Welcome, 1595) was an Imperial statesman, aristocrat, and ambassador, as well as Duke of Leone, who has most notably served as Archchancellor twice (once under John I and then again under his son John II).


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