Sacking of Riga

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Sacking of Riga
Part of the Riga War
Riga sacking.jpeg
Sacking of Riga, 1564
Date: 21st of Sun's Smile, 1564
Location: Riga, Courland, Oren
Result: League Victory
Preceded by: Battle of Westmark
The Carnatian League:
Kovachev Arms.png Duchy of Carnatia
vanirCoA.png Barony of Kraken's Watch
imperialorenia.png Imperial Volunteers
Duchy of Courland:
IMG 3182.PNG Duchy of Courland
Commanders and leaders
The Carnatian League:
vanirCoA.png Lord Paramount Fiske Vanir
Kovachev Arms.png Duke John of Carnatia
vanirCoA.png Lord Britannus Vanir
Barbanov.png Ser Peter Barbanov
Duchy of Courland:
IMG 3182.PNG Duke Alexander of Courland
The Carnatian League:
3800 men
Duchy of Courland:
5000 men and civilians
The Carnatian League:
~100 dead
Duchy of Courland:
~4700 dead

The Sacking of Riga was unofficially the last battle in the Riga War, if it can be called such. The battle saw the Duchy of Courland effectively removed from power for the duration Vailor, and saw the few survivors flee to the Dreadlands, to live out the rest of Vailor in exile.


Following the Battle of Westmark, Courland and its allies were effectively poised to take back Kraken's Watch once more and make their way on to either the Carnatia, or to Felsen. However, following the sudden uprising of Percival II into power, the treaty of Ambrosa was signed and peace was declared, and Courland technically was reintegrated back into Oren. However, the people of Courland were not happy about this, and thus went to Percival II in order to share their thoughts. However, they had discovered that Percival II had fled Riga and went to Felsen, supposedly to have audience with the Emperor. They were unaware of the fact that he had also taken the keys of the city with him, and given them to the Carnatian League's forces stationed at Kraken's Watch.


Whilst the city was in protest over the decision to end the war, the Carnatian League mobilized its forces and quickly moved on Riga. As they approached the city, a few men spotted them, but were not able to stop them from throwing open the doors in the walls to the city and storming inside. Confused, the Courlanders began to approach, only to realize too late that they were being attacked. The surprise left the Courland forces completely disorganized unprepared for battle. The Carnatian League's forces then proceeded to go throughout the city, slaughtering all they could find. During this time, a small handful of citizens were able to get to boats and quickly escape though the docks. Other hid inside of their homes, and were fortunate enough to be missed by the Carnatian League. However, most were not so lucky. Homes were looted, families were slain, and everything of value in the city was taken. Following the sacking, the Carnatian League left Riga victoriously, returning the keys to Percival II.


The small handful of survivors from the sacking largely went into hiding from Oren. Most made their way to the Dreadlands, while a few others spent the remained of their time of Vailor hiding in the most remote regions of Courland, careful to avoid any Orenians they saw. Percival II returned briefly to Riga, but ended up spending the rest of Vailor in Felsen and away from Riga. The sacking of Riga accomplished the goal of effectively removing any resistance from Courland. However, this event, along with the others from the war, helped set up the chain of events which would eventually lead to the collapse of Oren in the Coalition War.