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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

Felsen was the capital city of the Holy Orenian Empire in Vailor, located in the Crownlands. It was at the very heart of the Human culture, being a city full of diverse culture, unique market places, and the home of the Imperial House of Horen.


Felsen was built after the arrival of Humans to Vailor. Growing from a small village, this bustling center of trade and commerce for the Empire of Oren had grown in fame and renown. It is highly regarded for it's array of different amenities to choose from to fill your visit, like the Felsen City Library or the beautiful shipyard ready to whisk away any lucky traveler.

In 1556, a expansion of the ever-famous city market was called for, along with the old palace of Ancelcourt being turned into a monument to the Horen Dynasty.


Not much is known of the discovery of Felsen, though a "Monument of Founding" could be found just outside the city's gates. The buildings of Felsen are mainly done in brick, stone, and colored woods and clay, to add to the vibrant feel of it's lively nature and the citizens who liven said nature.

The city has many districts: Bath Street, Crown Court, Gainford Road, Godfrey Boulevard, Marin Lane, Newport Boulevard, Ross Road, Seaside, Steel Lane, and Wayrest. Bath Street is one of the more lower class streets, with plants overgrown onto the buildings, and random items scattered on the streets.The houses are small, but homey, anyone with a low income could afford to live in one of these. Crown Court is another of the lower class streets, but unlike Bath Street, the roads and houses are very bland, with little to no windows or any street decor. Gainford Road is one of those streets just like Bath Street, small houses pact together, with overgrown plants and items littering the streets. Godfrey Boulevard is the main street that you pass through when you enter Felsen, lined with shops and market stalls, selling various items for various prices. Marin Lane is connected off of Gainford Road. The two different districts look exactly the same, the only differences are the signs on the houses themselves. Newport Boulevard are one of the nicer streets, with proper market stalls and shops, accompanied by scattered houses. The houses there vary in size, but all of them are equally as nice. Ross Road is a street with nice houses, but low maintenance. On some houses vines grow up the wall and streets are cracked or made of dirt. Seaside is another of the lower class houses, found right on the docks. The houses are worn away from the sea breeze, and not much wood is left on the houses. Steel Lane is one of the largest streets, with small, but nice houses. The paths are dirt, but many different natural items such as trees or small gardens scatter the area. Wayrest consists of the many houses outside of Felsen, normally inhabited by farmers. These houses are some of the worst quality, with wood bodies and hay roofs.

Behind the city square, with gates shut tight, lies the Imperial Palace of House Horen and the Empire. Known to all as Ancelcourt, this grand abode is home to the Imperial Family and it's court. Many public hearings, trials, and appointments are held here, and the throne room is always bustling with life and, if you're ambitious, intrigue as well. The gardens of the Palace are it's crowning jewel, filled with lush plants and flowers to suit every taste. If allowed inside, the Palace rooms are grand as well, the Dining Hall and the Emperor's chambers being the greatest rooms of note.

The Felsen docks were scattered with various boats and stalls, as well as being home to the Seaside district. The docks were some of the more littered places, rotten down by the sea breeze, and poorly kept.


The city of Felsen is located in the Crownlands of Oren, filled with small hills and vast fields of farmland and flowers.

Location Events

Besides a few raids here and there, not many events have occurred in Felsen. In 1556, a great force was brought to the city by Ser Thomas Ruric, leader of the Nortruppen. This army intended to incite violence, but were subdued along with their leader. However, Thomas Ruric was later freed by the Flays of Fenland, and now a war brews in the Empire once more.


The city of Felsen was overseen by the Maer, who has 4-5 stewards under him who oversee the citizens and buildings within it's walls. The Maer is under the Emperor, who approves all changes and laws made in Felsen during his reign.


Felsen is one of Vailor's capitals of trade, as most of the city is a market. As you walk in, you see shops and stalls lining the streets, and many people running around, looking at most of the large variety of items. Information about the market can be found Here


The laws of Felsen are also the laws of the Empire itself, which are shared by every settlement under the Emperor's command. [1] [2]


The Nobility of Felsen is based on a basic feudal system, headed by the current Emperor of the Holy Orenian Empire. [3]


The society of Felsen is quite simple, with peasants and commoners at the bottom, Burghers at the top. Above them is the nobility of Oren, which is separate from the classes in the Capitol.

Notable Figures

Vanessa Longridge - City and Court Medic

Soren Zitoun- Mayor of Felsen

Tholi Roger - Former Maer of Felsen and former Felsen Guard

Eloise - Former Deputy Steward of Felsen

Sylas - Former Steward of Felsen

John - Former Head Steward of Felsen

Percy- Former Steward of Felsen

Mylas - Former Maer of Felsen

Bradshaw Gray - Former Maer of Felsen


The culture of Felsen is the shared culture of the Nobility of the Empire, set with rules and certain titles. [4][5]


Self Portraits and Scenes of Hunt & Chase are the most common in Felsen, many Burghers and Lords alike priding themselves on tapestries made to resemble a great moment in their family's history.


Historical accounts are the most common books found in Felsen, whilst small mass-made books of fables can also be found amidst the children of the city.


Mostly tunes regarding fables and heroic deeds are heard in Felsen, the city not known for being that supportive of the arts.


Felsen, just like the majority of the Empire, follows the Canonist Faith, headed by the High Pontiff.