John III, Holy Orenian Emperor

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John III Owyn
Holy Orenian Emperor
Reign: 1568-1585
Coronation: 18 Deep Cold 1568
Predecessor: John II
Successor: John IV
Stephen de Beaufort
Prince Leopold, Baron of Senntisten
Born: 2 Sun's Smile 1549
Anpalais, Felsen, Oren
Died: 18 Sun's Smile 1585 (aged 36)
Johannesburg, Oren
Spouse: Julia of Furnestock
House: Horen
Father: John II
Mother: Ari of Leone

John Owyn, also known as John III (High Imperial: Johannes Ovenius; Savoyard: Johann Eugenio; Hansetian: Jan Owain) (2nd of the Sun's Smile, 1549 – 18th of the Sun's Smile, 1585), of the House of Horen, was the third Holy Orenian Emperor of the restored Fifth Empire since the abdication of his father, John II, in 1568. Under his reign, he remarkably finished a majority of the conquests of his grandsire, bringing both the human rebels and orcs to heel in the War of Orcish Submission and led a reign of subsequent peace. His untimely assassination by a plot orchestrated by his eldest son, however, would cause a great rift within the Empire and see all three of his sons upon the Imperial Throne in the Year of Four Emperors. He is commonly known as the Lion for his skill in both warfare and in the diplomatic table, heralded as one of the greater Johannian emperors since John I.


Early life

John was born as John Owyn Horen to Emperor John II and his wife, Ari of Leone, at Anpalais on the 2nd of the Sun's Smile, 1549. Born shortly after his father's accession to the Imperial throne, he was quickly elevated as Prince of Alstion. Due to his father's shrinking mental capacity, John Owyn spent much of his time with his tutors, who educated the young man on the subjects of diplomacy and politics. Following his studies, John Owyn was entered into the Imperial army reserves as a squire to Lord Henry Rothesay, the famed fieldmarshal of the Empire's forces during the Eighteen Years' War, despite his mother's constant protests.

As John II's mental state continued to deteriorate, John Owyn was exposed to the difficult task of ruling as Prince Regent of the Empire. By this time, the infamous Riga War had ended, and despite John Owyn's best attempts, the defeated House of Staunton entered into rebellion with the Hetmanate of Krajia, who was supported by the Principality of Dreadlands. Many members of the noble estate, most notably those of Savoy, were discontent with John II's handling of the Riga War and the ensuing rebellion. Calls for John II's abdication grew, though John Owyn openly denounced the dissenters. Eventually, on the 16th of the Deep Cold, 1568, John II abdicated, officially raising John Owyn as Emperor John III.


Axis War

Main Article: Krajian Rebellion


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
John IV, Holy Orenian Emperor 8th of the Grand Harvest, 1568 16th of the Deep Cold, 1585 Betrothal: Princess Julia of Haense (His death: 16th of the Deep Cold, 1585) Successor of John III, assassinated by King Andrew II of Haense.
Robert of Marna 11th of Sun's Smile, 1570 1622 Unwed Became Holy Orenian Emperor as Robert II, abdicated shortly thereafter.
Philip I, Holy Orenian Emperor 26th of the Amber Cold, 1571 25th of Malin's welcome, 1595 Adeline of Savoy Successor of Robert II.
Queen Charlotte Sophia of Alstion 8th of the First Seed, 1572 1650 John Louis, Archduke of Lorraine and Kaedrin (later King John I of Lotharingia)
Queen-Mother of Lorraine-Savoy.

Titles, Styles, and Honors

Titles and Styles

  • 2 Sun's Smile 1549 - 21 Malin's welcome 1566: His Imperial Highness The Prince of Alstion
  • 21 Malin's Welcome 1566 - 18 Deep Cold 1568: His Imperial Highness The Prince-Regent of Oren
  • 18 Deep Cold 1568 - 18 Sun's Smile 1585: His Imperial Majesty The Holy Orenian Emperor

Full title as Holy Orenian Emperor

His Imperial Majesty John III Owyn of the House of Horen, by the Grace of GOD, Holy Orenian Emperor and rightful Emperor of Aeldin, forever August, Apostolic King in Oren, of Savoy, Kaedrin, Renatus and Salvus, Defender of the Faith, Duke of the Crownlands, Avar, Frederica, Krajia, and Cascadia, Margrave of Greater Kreden, Count of Johannesburg, Louvain, Beauclair, Sundholt, Estavar, and Wett. Sovereign of Humanity, Suzerain of the Elves and Protector of the Dominion of Malin, etcetera.