John I, Duke of Carnatia

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Duke of Carnatia
Reign: 1546-1567
Predecessor: Stephen
Successor: Peter (as King of Hanseti-Ruska)
Born: 5th of the First Seed, 1494
Karovia, Akovia, Oren
Died: 17th of the Sun's Smile, 1573 (aged 79)
Ayr, Haense, Oren
Spouse: Unwed
House: Kovachev
Father: King Varon of Akovia
Mother: Anne Ruthern

Jan Kovachev, known most famously as John of Carnatia, (Common: John Kovacs; High Imperial: Johannes Kovacs; Raevir: Jan Kovachev) (5th of the First Seed, 1494 – 17th of the Sun's Smile, 1573) was the Duke of Carnatia from 1546 till his abdication in 1567, as well as most notably serving as general under both John I and his son John II and scoring numerous victories over the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and later the human rebels in the Third Rurikid Uprising and the Riga War. He was well known for his longevity even into old age, serving in combat on the field till the ripe age of 75.


Early life

Jan Varonic Kovachev was born to the then King Varon of Akovia and Anne Ruthern as the Akovian king's eldest and only son. His father, known for his cruel hobbies, was well hated among the noble body, which stemmed into dislike for Jan himself at an early age. When his father was deposed by the stewards of Akovia, the House of Vanir, Jan was overlooked for the kingship and the crown instead passed to the nobleman Andrik Vydra (who later would reunite Oren as King Andrew I of Oren). Jan remained in Karovia, the capital of Akovia, till the age of 16, where he joined as a soldier in the Duchy of Savoy.

He had two sisters; one named Helena, who was wed to Edward of Istria, and another named Albina, who was a famous mistress to Adrian de Bar.

During his tenure as a levyman, he would eventually be raised to the title of Captain in the Savoyard army; a rank he kept till the end of the War of the Ducal Coalition.

The Dukes' War

When the Dukes' War reached its introduction at Hugh's ultimatum to King Olivier I of Oren, Jan Kovachev took sides of the royalist faction. A favorite of Guy, Marquis of Drusco, Jan held commands upon the Vieren to intercept Northern reinforcements to the Adrian front and defended Northern Savoy from Adrian incursion. He would join Guy and Prince Leufroy in the Siege of Barrowyk, which he commanded the reserves under watch of Marshal Augustus de Sola. When Brelus fell in 1521, Jan was given a small contingent to continue to advance upon the still rebellious northern lords. Majority of the royal army at that time disbanded.

Jan's most accredited feat during his time under the Ashford Regime was the Capitulation of Valwyk, which he, commanding a small force of five hundred soldiers, captured the last hold in rebellion to the Crown. In reward for his service, Jan was given the title Baron of Valwyk, and later Count of Kvasz.

Service in the Empire

Jan Kovachev would be one of the first supporters of John Frederick after the assassination of Guy de Bar and the Horen Restoration, as well as one of his key generals in the Eighteen Years' War.

When Otto Sarkozic was raised to title Duke of Carnatia, Jan would become his vassal. Together with Josef Vladov, the Count of Baranya, Jan would be sent as Duke Otto II's representative for the ducal army in the Eighteen Years' War.

During his time on the field, he grew a certain attachment for the man-at-arms Lerald Vyronov.

Inheritance as Duke

When Duke Stephen of Carnatia (Jan's grandson through his daughter Milena) died at the young age of 17 in 1546, the succession of the duchy was in crisis. Stephen had three other brothers: Waldemar, Francis, and Lothar, yet neither three were able to inherit (Waldemar was serving in Aeldin and unable to be contacted in a timely fashion, Francis had refused outright, and Lothar was in training for priesthood), and with those three unable to inherit, the Duchy of Carnatia faced a succession crisis. Some supported the son of the late Duke Siguine of Haense, Petyr Barbanov, however John I refused to have a Barbovic duke in fear of northern unrest. The majority of the nobles eventually rallied behind Stephen's grandsire: Jan Kovachev, the Count of Kvasz. At the field of Marnadal, Jan Kovachev would be investitured as Duke of Carnatia by John I, and he would later return to the duchy in 1549 after nearly fifteen years of absence while serving on the field.


Jan never married yet carried a mistress, Henrietta of Marna, from which he legitimized all offspring between the union. Despite herself being of noble blood and the clear bond between the two, they never married. The historian Patrick Rusden accredits this to his father's harsh and often brutal treatment of his late wife and Jan's mother, Anne, from which Jan swore to never behave as such.

Milena Kovachev, Duchess-Consort of Carnatia ( )

Sergius, Count of Turov ( )

Elizaveta Kovachev