House of Vyronov

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House of Vyronov
Country: BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Haense
Duke of Carnatia (Formally)
Count of Graiswald (Formally)
Baron of Rytsburg (Formally)
Baron of Astfield (Formally)
Lord of Graizenstadt
Lerald of Norwick (Lerald, Baron of Astfield)
Current Head:
Ethnicity: Highlander

The House of Vyronov (Common: Vyronov; Raevir: Vyronovic; High Imperial: Virones) is a noble family and vassal to the Kingdom of Haense. The families current marriages includes unions to the Houses of Ruthern, Stafyr, Baruch, Pasquier, Palaiologos, Ludovar, Preussen, Kortrevich, Amador, Barclay, Wick, and Barbanov.


The House of Vyronov was ennobled in the year 1568 by John III, Emperor of the Holy Orenian Empire. Lerald of Norwick was granted the Barony of Astfield for his loyal service to the Duchy of Carnatia and the deeds of him and his progeny during both the Eighteen Years' War and the Riga War. Merely three years later he died during the journey from Vailor to Axios and with his death the title was passed to his firstborn son, Rasputin Vyronov. Rasputin swore his allegiance to House Barbanov and headed north with other Highlander houses to settle in the valley that would become the Duchy of Haense and later the Kingdom of Haense.

Rasputin Vyronov's issue would consist of two notable individuals. His firstborn would become the famous poet-knight, Ser Stanimar Vyronov, known for his stories that are still read to this day. The most famous of them being "The Trials of Ulric Tiberan", a collection of children stories all featuring the title character as a protagonist. The stories are commonly used by Haeseni parents and teachers in schooling young children. They commonly feature virtues of loyalty, dedication, and humility. Numerous stock characters are used in the tales, such as the twin crowns ‘Alvin and Darren’, the greedy Sir de Viri, and his squire Enoch. He commonly uses ‘Soulstrung’, a bow and his signature weapon. His most famous story is the ‘Trial of the Dragon’, where he slays the frost wyrm Toruug. Rasputin's second son, Adolphus would later inherit his father's titles after he passed away. He's mostly known for participating in the first National Duma as candidate following the Greyspine Rebellion.

After Adolphus' death the House of Vyronov would not be as active in the politics of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska anymore, instead Jakob chose to withdraw and live a quiet live with his allies of the House of Baruch in the County of Ayr. His grandson, Lerald II, would later dive into Haeseni politics once again. This proved a successful endeavor as he would serve the realm as Lord Regent after the former regent, Prince Georg Stanimar was killed by Renatian Dragon Knights during the War of Two Emperors. Lerald II would be the one to lead negotiations that resulted in the treaty that ended this war. After his regency he would continue to serve Andrew III of Haense as Lord Palatine.

The family would later suffer through a lot of death after the passing of Lerald II's firstborn daughter then later himself, his firstborn son, nephew, and secondborn son. After so much death the family would be led by Robert I where he would continue his predecessors work on they Duchy though would do it by constructing new buildings and areas across the Vyronov land. Within a few years later, Robert I was put on trial for supposedly being part in a plot of murdering his eldest brother, Charles II, that'd later lead to the verdict being an unpopular one that being guilty based on hearsay evidence and for his whole family to suffer by losing its noble status in Haense. Robert later died to illness a few days before his execution.

Upon Robert's death, his successor who would take-up the role of leadership of the family was his very young cousin, Stefan Vyronov. The young Stefan had then became a ward underneath King Andrew IV, where he would remain until the King's untimely death in the year 1754. Few years would pass after his mentor's death where Stefan began to follow his late cousin, Lerald II, by diving into Haeseni politics. He would move onto losing his first political campaign for Alderman yet win his campaigns as Maer of New Reza twice. Near the end of his final term as Maer, Stefan would then be granted the title of Baron of Astfield by Emperor Peter III in the year 1777 bringing back his families lost noble status.


Notable Members

Patriarchs of Vyronov

Name Portrait Birth
Death Coat of Arms Title(s)
Lerald I
Lerald Vyronov
IntQkOC-HmBOn-Xt7MvFgNVhlH O8ke2xJMtDzgHF53Wg5A8-TAaamAvhubjTpfxgDePfydbvbpPKAj8QlXv-nutMOPsMyGpsCfC.png 7th of the First Seed, 1500
Siegrad, Haense, Oren

Son of Unknown Vyronov
3 children
26th of the Grand Harvest, 1572
aged 70
Vyronov1.png Baron of Astfield
Rudolph I
Rasputin Vyronov
e79ce20a82083fded4197355b74285c3.png 13th of the Deep Cold, 1535
Valwyk, Oren

Son of Lerald I
Marjorie of Metterden
3 children
7th of the First Seed, 1590
aged 54
Vyronov1.png Baron of Rytsburg
Stanimir I
Stanimir Vyronov
vyros.jpg 1578
Rytsburg, Oren

Son of Rudolph I
Unwed 1602
aged 24
Vyronov1.png Baron of Rytsburg
Adolphus I
Adolphus Vyronov
n-0660-00-000012-hd.jpg 1580
Rytsburg, Haense

Son of Rudolph I
Katherine of Ayr
Saint's Rest, Ayr , Haense
6 children
aged 95
Vyronov1.png Baron of Rytsburg
Ulric I
Ulric Vyronov
A9BAZGC91 1800x1800.png 1639
Rytsburg, Haense

Son of Jakob Vyronov
Kamila Maria of Ayr
Ayr , Haense
2 children
aged 31
Vyronov1.png Baron of Rytsburg
Lerald II(I)
Lerald Vyronov
Lerald1.jpg 14th of The Deep Cold, 1680
Ayr, Haense

Son of Lukas I
Johanna of Osterland
5 children
10th of Snow's Maiden, 1732
Carnatia, Haense
aged 51
Vyronov1.png Duke of Carnatia
Count of Graiswald
Baron of Rytsburg
Charles I(II)
Karl Gustav Vyronov
225N09459 8PK3C (1).jpg 8th of Malin's Welcome, 1712
Reza, Haense

Son of Lerald II
Unwed 10th of The Amber Cold, 1738
Carnatia, Haense
aged 25
Vyronov1.png Duke of Carnatia
Count of Graiswald
Baron of Rytsburg
Jan I(II)
Jan Rudolph Vyronov
!!!!!!a.png 6th of Sun's Smile, 1716
Reza, Haense

Son of Lerald II
1 child
15th of Sun's Smile, 1742
Hangman's Bridge
aged 26
Vyronov1.png Duke of Carnatia
Count of Graiswald
Baron of Rytsburg
Robert I
Robert Owyn Vyronov
!Robert1.jpg 3rd of Snow's Maiden, 1717
Reza, Haense

Son of Lerald II
Isabel Josephine of Nenzing
Nenzing, Haense
0 children
8th of The Amber Cold, 1747
Carnatia, Haense
aged 29
Vyronov1.png Duke of Carnatia
Count of Graiswald
Baron of Rytsburg
Stephen I
Stefan Aleksandr Vyronov
ihe8mxri6s0qq0c.png 17th of Sun's Smile, 1739
New Reza, Haense

Son of Isaak Vyronov
Adaline of Kerzenwick
New Reza, Haense
3 children
6th of Malin's Welcome, 1836
Vulzenstadt, Astfield, Haense
aged 97
Vyronov1.png Baron of Astfield
Lord of Graizenstadt
Stephen II
Stefan Boleslav Vyronov
-- 10th of the First Seed, 1793
Astfield, Haense

Son of Anton Vyronov
Marie of Reinmar
Reinmar, Haense
Alive Vyronov1.png Baron of Astfield
Lord of Graizenstadt