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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.
Royal City of Reza
Capital city
The Coat of Arms of the City of Reza
Nicknames: WIP
Country: BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Kingdom of Haense
Founded: 1705 by King Robert I
King: Andrew III
Governing body: Aulic Council, Small Council, Duma
Lord Maer: Kamilla Stafyr
Population: 60,000
Previous Capital: Markev
Language(s): Common, Raevir, New Marian, High Imperial

The capital of the Kingdom of Haense, Reza (High Imperial: Rasia, Raevir: Reze, Hanseti: Reza) acts as the epicenter of administrative and diplomatic affairs of the kingdom, and is populated by Northerners and Highlanders of all descent. The city is the seat of the House of Barbanov, who reside in palace of Prikaz in the easternmost district of the city. The city is a paramount site of acitivity within the Kingdom of Haense, and is the most frequented settlement of any in the nation.

The city is named after the first Queen-Consort of Haense, Reza Elizaveta of Turov.




Notable Figures of Reza

  • Robert I, King of Haense
  • Marius II, King of Haense
  • Demetrius var Ruthern, Lord Palatine of Haense
  • Leopold Stafyr, Lord Palatine of Haense
  • Georg Alimar, Lord Palatine of Haense
  • Lerald Vyronov, Lord Palatine of Haense
  • Lord Dominic Grimm, Knight Paramount of Haense
  • Andrew III, King of Haense
  • Ser Konrad of Nenzing, Lord Palatine of Haense
  • Wilheim Barclay, Lord Marshal of Haense
  • Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich, Knight Paramount of Haense
Layout of the Royal City of Reza, circa 1712

Notable Buildings


The Prikaz is the palace of the ruling family of Haense. Currently held by House of Barbanov and its current patriarch Marius II of Haense. Situated in the northwest of the city the palace was constructed as a major landmark and is the 2nd tallest building in Haense after the Basilcia of Fifty Virgins.

Basilica of Fifty Virgins

The Basilica of Fifty Virgins is the Cathedral of Haense.

Castle Grayhill

Castle Grayhill is sat at the low right corner of the Royal City and is the seat of the Royal Army.