House of Amador

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House of Amador
"From Ashes, We Rise"
Country: BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Haense
Baron of Mondstadt
Former Titles:
Duke of Mondstadt
Count of Mondstadt
Count of Gravelhold
Count of Queen’s Point
Viscount of Aurveldt
Jack Amador
Current Head:
Filip Hieromar Amador
Aleksandr Lukas Amador

The House of Amador (Common: Amador; Hansetian: Amaodar; High Imperial: Amador) is the ruling family of the Viscounty of Aurveldt & Barony of Mondstadt while being a vassal of the Kingdom of Haense.



Their origins unknown, the Amadors made their first appearance in Asulon as merchants with a skill for bargaining. Seeing what they had to offer with both finances and resources, they were granted a County by the King of Renatus. Led by Jack Amador, the small group of Amadors and their bannermen and merchants quickly expanded, bringing in multitudes of traders and guilds. The rapid expansion of the house caught the eye of the King at the time, who rewarded Jack with the ducal coronet. Upon his rise as Duke, Duke Amador integrated the gentry house of Soulblade into his own family, effectively merging the strong stock and prowess of the Soulblades with the cunning and judgement of the Amadors. The current line of Amador draws its descent from the famed warrior, Ramdir Amador. As time would have it though, certain calamities would befall the house as the ancient lands of Asulon fell to darkness, both before and after. These events would be the catalyst for the obscurity that became of the Amadors and their struggles onward in attempting to be heard in a period of tempestuous political events.


Following the fall of the House in Asulon, those few Amadors that remained found themselves in obscurity struggling to make themselves known and reenter the noble scene. Wandering from county to county, they asked for support in regaining lands lost to them, but were denied at every turn. This turn of events would cause much disparity among the Amadors assets as the lack of recognition caused their resources to dwindle away. This would eventually force the family to undertake a variety of labors as mercenaries, labourers, and merchants. They would answer the loyalist call to arms, joining the Savoyard forces in the Dukes' War.

After the war ended, with many Amadors dying in the service of the crown, what remained of the family used the money and minor respect they acquired from the war to build up a small mercantile investment that they would subsequently receive profit from. The profits generated from the investment would turn out to be more prosperous than expected and where used in a variety of business ventures to fund a few trade expeditions to other lands as well as dowries for marriages to help bolster the family and relations. The contacts made from these expeditions would eventually form small trade routes specific to the Amadors’ business ventures. As a result, a consistent source of revenue would be formed, and for the first time in many decades, money was no longer a concern.


Alongside the rest of the Holy Orenian Empire, the Amadors traveled to the Isles of Axios, determined to make their re-entry into the noble scene. They were welcomed by Duke Peter of Haense into the nobility of Haense, enfeoffing them with the Barony of Mondstadt, a title that the Amadors have held until the Kingdom of Haense's defeat in the Great Northern War.


The story of House Amador in Atlas is far from the tales of its more glorious and prestigious past. Due to mismanagement and poor leadership, the house fell into disarray. Slowly, its power dwindled and its status withered away. The final blow that ended Amador power in Atlas, tore the House apart and later cost them their status as Haensetian nobility, was a failed banking adventure, that ended up deminishing all of the House's wealth and made them a bit of a laughing stock, especially to those who'd taken loans from the House and now saw them powerless to demand their money back.

In the last few years of Atlas however, a young man who had not yet shed his family name rose from the shadows to lay claim to the family name. Henrik Amador, styling himself Henrik II, was of a lesser branch of the family and initially not the heir of the House. His granduncle Ruslan II however was the man holding the family title of Patriarch until he died childless at an old age. This then meant Henrik II suddenly had the right to claim the Patriarch title for himself and so he did, ruling over an essentially powerless family in the waning days of Atlas.


Upon arriving in Arcas, the ambitious and young Henrik II went to work on regaining whatever there was to regain for his seemingly lost House. He eventually managed to take back the nobility status of House Amador and married a Santegian princess, Tamar of Biscay, with whom he had four sons: Ruslan, Albert, Edvard and Karl. Not long after these first successes however, Henrik became sick with an unknown disease, probably believed to be tuberculosis. The young family of six could not find a medic in Arcas capable of healing Henrik, but heard there were doctors in Aeldin that could, before setting sail for the faraway continent. After many years, the Amadors returned to Arcas, their Patriarch having survived his disease, but by now being an old man and a mere shadow of his youthful, energetic self. However, Henrik II refused to perish before regaining Nobility. Thus he hard alongside his children and their cousin to regain their Nobility. They carried out a variety of tasks such as: ship building, resource gathering, and more. The Amadors also started to get into Government positions. Rennard quickly became the High Steward and worked diligently to ensure the Kingdom would prosper. Edvard worked alongside Rennard as a Steward, and later succeeded him. Due to the hard work of Henrik II, his sons, and their cousin they regained their lost Nobility within a few short years. Once again they were Lords of Haense, and Barons of Mondstadt. Even after regaining their Nobility, the Amadors continued to work hard and have obtained a variety of different positions. Some of the positions that were held by house members are: High Steward, High Seneschal, Lord Treasurer x2, Speaker of the House of Lords, Member of the House of Commons (x2), and more.



Notable Figures

Jack Amador - Founder of the original House of Amador in Asulon, he largely laid the foundations for the House's roots in mercantile endeavors.

Ruslan I Amador - First Baron of Mondstadt within the Kingdom of Haense, one of the principal bannermen of Duke Peter of Haense that assisted with the formation of the Kingdom.

Clement III - Clement III was a High Pontiff from House Amador that functioned as leader of the Canonist Church until 1648.

Henrik II Amador - Grandson of the Henrik I of House Amador and great, great, great grandson of the Ruslan I of House Amador who began the title Baron of Mondstadt. Henrik II worked hard to bring back House Amador, which nearly disappeared. He worked together with his four sons: Ruslan, Albert, Edvard and Karl and their cousin, Rennard Amador. They all worked tirelessly for years on various projects for the Government of Haense in an attempt to regain their Noble status. Their attempt was successful and Henrik II was bestowed the title the Baron of Mondstadt.

Edvard Amador - The third son of Henrik the Second. Edvard Amador had a thirst for money his entire life, this was due to the fact that his Father raised all his sons by himself and was always looking to gain more money to support them. Edvard wanted to pay back his father for struggling all those years to raise him. So the man started as a Steward under his cousin Rennard Amador, the High Steward of Hanseti-Ruska. The man worked with an intense ferocity, proving himself to be quite the capable worker. After many years of service, the man succeeded his cousin as the High Steward, as his cousin switched to the position of Royal Treasurer. During this time, the man accomplished many accomplishments such as: various city expansions, increasing the Kingdom's income many folds over, and even got the Seneschal title restored due to his hard work. After twenty years of hard work in his position, and after hearing of his cousins retirement, Edvard asked to succeed his cousin again, and was appointed to the position of Lord Treasurer. From then on, Edvard continued working hard for his Kingdom, making it plentiful amounts of minas until a bit before his death. The man is remembered for his many contributions to the family, and Government.

Rennard Amador - Rennard is the cousin to Ruslan, Edvard, and Karl. He was the start to restoring the families financial restoration. He started as the High Steward of Hanseti-Ruska, doing that job for a short few years. He worked hard and moved on and become the Lord Treasurer, with Edvard succeeding him as the High Steward. Working alongside his cousin, Edvard he ensured the Kingdom had a steady income of minas and that it was being spent wisely. Due to his position as the Treasurer he was put in-charge of the Government's company, Haense Fur Trading Co.