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The Clans of Norland are the families or groups of associated individuals who identify themselves and are identifiable as a cohesive societal unit within the Kingdom of Norland. Clans are granted the right to bear heraldry and are considered by the Kingdom of Norland to be a single political entity. Many clans maintain their own traditions, rites of passage, and appointment or dismissal processes; provided their methods comply with the greater laws of Norland. In times of war clans often rally to themselves any willing bannermen to fight in their name and in the name of the Kingdom.

Clans of Norland are recorded in the Book of Clans, a tome maintained by order of the King of Norland, which details both extant and extinct clans of Norland.

Registered Clans of Norland

Clans of Norland are expected to meet a number of requirements in Norland to be officially recognized by the King of Norland and the High Keeper, and are all registered in the Book of Clans which is maintained by the High Keeper of the Red Faith. In order to be recognised as a Clan, they must have an established presence in Norland and have a significant number of members.


Clan Edvardsson is an ancient Norlandic clan which finds its roots as direct descendants of Edvard Thorsson Ruric, the eldest son of Thoromir I Ruricsson Armahnk. It is currently the primary branch of the Ruric family, holding the title of King of Norland, though in the past has been considered the Black Sheep of the Ruric Clans, due to the actions of their founder.


Clan Eiriksson is an ancient Norlandic clan which finds its roots as direct descendants of Eirik Thorsson Ruric, the secondborn son of Thoromir I Ruric. They brag a number of Kings in their history, though recently have fallen into the shadows of history.


Clan Freysson is an ancient Norlandic clan which finds its roots as direct descendants of Frey Thorsson Ruric, the thirdborn son of Thoromir I Ruric. They are likely the wealthiest of the three clans, having a history of running the Norlandic treasury as well as the prolific Vykk Co. While there have been few Freysson Kings of Norland, they fondly remember King Donovan, and his defence of The Krag.


Clan Camian is a clan which rose to prominence in Arcas during the reign of Caedric I, their first Chieftain being High Keeper Alisa Camian. They are know for producing a staple Norlandic brew, Ashwood Spirits, as well as a number of Camian brand drinks. They are often known for their short tempers.


Originating in Axios, Clan Grimlee was founded by Uther ‘the Old’. One of the oldest clans formed during the earliest days of Norlandic history, the Grimlees were renowned farmers and ranchers. Historically known for their tight-fisted attitude with money, they would settle outside the walls of Norlandic cities to evade taxes. Most recently the Grimlees have become harder and harder to come by as they shrink in size.


Originating from Vailor, Clan Faretto was founded by Garth I. Yet another of the oldest Norlandic Clans still active, Clan Faretto maintains a strong connection with the Red Faith. Historically known for their Keepers and Purifiers, the Farettos are often viewed as hostile to foreigners and profligates, known not to suffer fools for long.


Clan Kvitravn is a recent clan which rose to prominence during the reign of Halvar I Edvardsson in Nyrheim, their first Chieftain being the Warrior and Bounty Hunter Einar Kvitravn. The Kvitravns are known for their straightforwardness and prominence in battle, with members being taught in the martial ways from a young age. Many of the Kvitravns serve in the Northguard to this day as Einar himself did. The main defining feature of the Clan is their intense hatred of bears and many Kvitravns will go to great lengths to hunt down local bears and display their pelts back at home. In fact, it is considered a tradition to bring home a bear pelt to prove your loyalty to the clan.


Originating from Thales, Clan Volaren was founded by Vykk Volaren. The first officially recognized clan of Norland, Clan Volaren is made up of wood elves and are credited with founding Norland as a nation in it's earliest days. The Volarens are historically known for their infamous outlaws, leading and serving in groups like the Reivers and Nottingham bandits, aside from their part in founding the nation.


The foundations of Clan Willow are unclear, though they have recent marriage ties to the Crown of Norland. While the family itself is old, they were only recently officially recognized by the Kingdom of Norland in Morsgrad on Arcas.



Clan Vildr originated with the marriage of Edric Witchslayer and Rowanna McGregor in Varhelm. Neither had come from great families, with Edric himself adopting the moniker of ‘Witchslayer’, to make up for his absence of a family name.


Clan Lunner was introduced into the Kingdom of Norland on Arcas during the reign of King Caedric I, who had granted them the County of Lunsbeck. Those of Clan Lunner were known to follow a simple faith of ancestor worship wherein the dead are revered and honored. The clan is known to be matriarchal, boasting women of reputable warrior status but also skilled agriculturalists and ranchers. Those bloodborne of Clan Lunner can be identified with their natural white hair and large bearded axes.


Clan Ambrose was introduced into the Kingdom of Norland on Arcas during the reign of King Caedric I, living primarily in the County of Darrowmere (the successor state to the Duchy of Lorraine). After the destruction of Arcas, Clan Ambrose was elevated to the position of Jarls and granted the Jarldom of Luemont in Nyrheim.


Clan O’Hara, previously named House O'Hara, dates back to early Atlas. The former House of O’Hara had been ambitious, having their sights set on being higher in society, which led to their downfall. Loki ‘the Blind’ took up the mantle of patriarch at the clan’s lowest point, eventually turning it into a Norlandic Clan devoted to becoming noble and loyal warriors, and trying not to repeat the sins of their past while attempting to redeem their name in the light of the Allfather.

Defunct and Extinct Clans

It is known that many families and brotherhoods have risen and fallen in the Kingdom of Norland, and so the clans which once existed must be remembered for their deeds which helped lay the foundation of the Kingdom of Norland as it is today. There are two categories for clans within this chapter, defunct: clans which have migrated out of the Kingdom of Norland, and extinct: clans which have been extinguished by the death of all bloodborne inheritors and bannermen.

Stormbringer - Extinct

Originating from within Arcas, the stormbringers are a unique clan in the sense that very few of them are actually related by blood, but rather kin born upon the battlefield. Many of them become soldiers, fighting bandits and monsters to protect the Highland Realm.

Silversteed - Defunct

Originating in Anthos, Clan Silversteed was founded by Avalon I, Lord of the Riverlands during the Norlandic migration to the Dreadlands. Avalon’s adoptive son, Ethan I, inherited the titles of his father after his disappearance. After the fall of the Dreadlands, Ethan was found to be murdered before the gates of the Kingdom of Courland leaving his son William I and his grandson, William II, as the last of the Silversteeds. Throughout Norlandic history the Silversteeds had been of great aid to the people, providing a sizable rally during the Krag; however during the early days of Ruriksgrad the Clan did come into great strife when Avalon I returned. Avalon I had attempted to reclaim his position of patriarch of Clan Silversteed by disowning William I and William II, eventually rebelling against the Kingdom of Norland. King Jory I did not take kindly to this rebellion and dueled Avalon I, killing him and leaving his Clan’s name in the dirt. Avalon’s son went on to continue his father’s rebellion in what eventually became the Kingdom of Curon, though they were no longer considered a Clan of Norland.

Armahnk - Extinct

The Prophet of the Red Faith, Thoromir Ruricsson Armahnk, was the last known member of the Armahnk Clan. His children instead continued his line in their own clans.

Ashtyr - Extinct

Kaedric - Extinct

Originating in Vailor, founded by Brennus, the Clan of Kaedric is rooted in the House of Kaedric, and dates it's origins back to barren icy planes of the Isle of Avar. They were farmers by trade, first cultivating the fields of Crestholm. From these humble beginnings, they began to build up their influence and family name. The clan later went extinct in Axios.

Wulfsbane - Extinct

A minor clan from the Seahelm Era.

Morin - Extinct

Errmark - Extinct

A minor clan of little renown.

Arden - Extinct

Originating in Atlas, Richard I established Clan Arden after serving King Jory I during the Silversteed Rebellion. Richard I’s infiltration and subsequent espionage of the rebelling Clan Silversteed proved his loyalty and dedication to the Norlandic people and so Clan Arden was formed and set upon a path towards greatness. After the duel between Lord Avalon I Silversteed and King Jory I Eiriksson, Richard began an effort to rally swords to his Clan. He had marshaled such a large rally he had marched his swords into Fort Jornburg and declared himself a Count of Jornburg, allied but not under the Kingdom of Norland. Jarl Richard I then began bringing lower lords into his fold, the Count of Ashwood and Count of Driftwood pledging their fealty to Count Richard I before declaring him Duke of Nevaria. After hearing news of the Stauntons rising against those of House Horen in the South, Duke Richard had pledged his sizable levy to the Stauntons in hopes to aid in the destruction of House Horen and the Renatians. These hopes would be crushed however as the Siege of Whitepeak failed and all other Clans and Houses who pledged themselves to the Stauntons fled. Richard, after hearing the news of the failure abandoned Fort Jornburn and marched to the greater fortress of Ashwood, leading to the bloody Siege of Ashwood where he died fighting Renatian men. A broken clan, the remnants of Clan Arden fled and went into hiding until a young Arden man, Chieftain Kjartan I, took the long and hard ride to the newly founded Nordengrad. He had enlisted himself into the Red Brothers where he quickly was promoted to Marshal. The clan eventually went extinct due to Kjartan's lack of children.

Fiscere - Extinct

The Fiscere Clan made their name as Fishermen in Nordengrad.

Mournstone - Defunct

An ancient clan founded in the harsh Aegis North, Clan Mournstone claims direct ancestry from one of the first sons of Horen, Viktor I. Travelling on his infamous boat, the Feared Skull, he explored the frozen Norlandic lands. After finding lands to settle on the island of Vyranniel he officially claimed the name Mournstone and had his firstborn son take the name Greythorn. Eventually Chieftain Viktor I founded Vastaron along the shores of Vyranniel. As the dead began to rise from their graves, the Mournstone Clan abandoned Norland for the Orenian Empire, for protection and to establish themselves as Counts. They have been considered traitors to Norland ever since.

Graymane - Extinct

Originating in Vailor, Roderick established Clan Greymane with his brother Martin I in the swamps of Greymarsh, becoming the Jarl of Greymarsh. Those of Clan Greymane are renowned for their archery skills and survival abilities. Those born of Clan Greymane are often seen with fire kissed hair and emerald green eyes.

Dufont - Defunct

A Minor clan from The Krag, they were of little note.

De Astrea - Defunct

Though Clan de Astrea is an old family, they are new to the Kingdom of Norland. They find their origins from branches of House Ashford de Savoie on Axios. In contemporary times, Clan de Astrea has been in service to the King of Norland as the Jarls lording over the Duchy of Elysium, as well as having marriage ties to the Crown of Norland.

Unclanned Families of Norland

Any notable families or groups of associated individuals who have not met the requirements to attain Clan status and are not officially recognized by the King of Norland and the High Keeper are classified as Unclanned Families.