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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.
"Morsgrad, Capital of the Kingdom of Norland circa 1792"
Morsgrad Emblem.png
Race: Primarily Human
Affiliation: Kingdom of Norland
Location: Northern Reachs of Arcas
Founded: 1725
King: Halvar Edvardsson
Queen: Ancelie Edvardsson de Astrea

Morsgrad was a previous capital of the Kingdom of Norland, replacing Dunharrow briefly after it died. It was constructed in 1725, by Edvard II Edvardsson Ruric. The city was the capital of the Kingdom in Arcas during that time it was home to primarily by humans, though there was a sizable elf population as well.


After Edvard II, Earl of Morsgrad ordered for the destruction of Dunharrow, Norlanders briefly inhabited a settlement named Pinemarch just north of the Kingdom of Haense where High Keeper Tyr had placed his hearth fire for the Red Faith. Pinemarch held strong for a couple months leading up to the disappearance of Edvard II, after a pilgrimage around Arcas Edvard II would go on to call a Chiefsmoot in Pinemarch for the establishment of Morsgrad. In the early winter of 1725, Edvard alongside his close friend Lorien would set out for an expedition to find proper land to build the city. After a year of searching, they discovered a snowy isle near the now-former city of Curon. Alongside his son Godric, the three designed the city of Morsgrad, and built most of it by hand alongside a few conscripted builders. In the span of four years, the city would be erected. Morsgrad would rival that of the Krag, being both siege proof and appealing to the blind eye. The construction of the city began with numerous builders traveling towards the city ground, after merely a few months the construction had already begun and a move which shocked many of the Heartlanders assisting in overseeing this tedious task, they saw the Lord himself carrying and laying bricks, and overall assisting in the construction of the city, and act which was common amongst the Norlanders but not as well known. After many sleepless nights, the few men constructed the city of Morsgrad, after looking at the city from afar he noticed that no man could penetrate its walls.

Coronation of Caedric Edvardsson I


Re-establishment of the Kingdom of Norland

In the year 1764 of the first age, Caedric Edvardsson issued the Declaration of Norlandic Pride re-establishing Norland as a Kingdom under his rule.

Coronation of Halvar Edvardsson I



Morsgrad was located in the North of Arcas, the main city and garrison being placed on two man-made Krags. To the north of Morsgrad lays the Northmarche, with the west of the city being the quaint village of Vi'Stige, being the home for the Gorundyr. To the south of Morsgrad lays the Aedellands home to the farming town of Lunsbeck and at its furthest western edge the settlement of Darrowmere. In the bay below Morsgrad there were three isles, each acting as estates. With the northwestern isle, the southern isle, and the northeastern isle being See's Landing, the Camian Estate, and the Mournestone estate respectively.

Notable Locations


Hearth Temple

The Hearth Temple of the Red Faith was located to the right of the palace within the city.










The majority of Norlanders adhere to the religion of the Red Faith.

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