Vykk Volaren

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Vykk Volaren
Born: 1000FA
Clan: Volaren
Father: Oduin Volaren
Mother: Brennynn

One of the oldest living mortals known to Nyrheim, Vykk Volaren is recognised as the founder of the Kingdom of Norland, a deed for which he is remembered in the Red Faith as Vykk 'the Founder' Volaren. Vykk is widely believed to be the only living Paragon of the Faith.

Vykk is known to appear to Norland in times of need, offering guidance and wisdom, and sometimes claiming to be a herald of the All-Fathers will.




Vykk appears as a typical wood elf, tall and slim, with brown colored skin and dark brown hair. Vykk also sports a full beard, a rare sight on an elf of any heritage. Vykk typically wears the armor of his family, a blackened full plate armor, with a blue tabard presenting a white osprey, the symbol of his clan.


To those who come to call Vykk a friend, they know him to be jovial and light hearted, but to others he appears as almost a mythic figure, dispensing bits of wisdom collected in his years or telling stories and tales of Norlands great and storied past, most of which include himself.


Vykk had a brother, who shared their own level of fame - Guz Volaren, who would later take the name Snow, becoming a Norlandic Paragon in his own right.

As a zealous follower of the Red Faith, Vykk did his part in spreading the flame, having a number of children. Jyor who would serve as a marshal of the Ashguard during the Krag. Vag who would take up the blue bandanna of the fabled Reavers and deprive the rich of their mina or their lives. Rigan who would follow in the footsteps of his older brother Vag, and joined the Ferrymen, a notorious mercenary company founded during Nyrheim. Deratrys who went on to become a prolific sneak thief, notably making away with busts and paintings from the Orenian palace in Providence.


Vykk is remembered as the founder of Norland, bringing together all of the Narvaukian clans to form one nation. Vykk would go on to serve as a bloodied member of the infamous Norlandic Red Brothers, raiding and reaving coastal settlements. Vykk later served as a commander of the Nortruppen, one of the largest armies of all time, and was present at the fall of Seahelm, later acting as a highwayman in service to the Dreadlands and the Ruric king who lived there. During Axios Vykk lived in the Krag, learning alchemy under the notorious high elf Elrith, where he would produce some of the alchemists fire that was used in both the first and second siege of the Krag, where he fought alongside King Donovan Ruric Freysson and helped defeat the dwarven legions of Urguan. Vykk would later reappear in the Earldom of Nordengrad, where he proclaimed to have an order from the All-Father to build a great hearth temple and shrines to the Norlandic Paragons, later on, he would serve under King Torsten Rosik during the siege of Nordengrad. During Arcas, Vykk would appear to King Caedric Ruric Edvardsson, and help refound the kingdom of Norland, and later on, serve under King Halvar Ruric Edvardsson in the inferi war, being present during the final inferi battle. During the early days of the destruction of Arcas, Vykk would sail with the early fleet to find a new land for the people of Arcas to settle, eventually, he along with the other brave pioneers would find Nyrheim, or Almaris as it is known to some who now settled there.